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Last Christmas Series EP2

Last Christmas Series EP2

Who the… It’s still too early.. Okay, okay… Yes? Haruki-san! Please wake up. Come on, wake up! Hey… Hey… Hey! Hey…! Open the door please. Open the door please…. The sun is… You are too much! You are there! Good morning. Morning. What is this? We made a deal right? The one who finds real love first,
will win a trip to Yellow Knife. This is Haruki-san, and this is me…
Seems like we’re both at the starting point. You have too much time.. That is not true.
My shower is broken and I do not have hot water. Oh, that is a problem? Is my hair messy? Yes, very. Shower… No way! How can you turn me down,
and let me shower with cold water? You can skip one day. No, my hair will be smelly. No, no, and no! How could you… Crying will not work. Who do you think you are? No is no! Stop fooling around and reconsider it serously. Haruki-san! What? I forgot to bring my shampoo. There is one in there… Can’t you use my shampoo? No way! I will smell like you then. Excuse me. What a mess… Ouch! What’s this? An earring? I am Yuki Aoi… I might die. I’m cured now. So I’m healthy. I’m going to get Haruki-san now… In the mean time,
could you let the people at the shop that we’ll be there soon? Thanks! What’s wrong? Shy? No, not really. Hayama, you like the receptionist, Kyoko, right? No, not really… If she found out about our relationship… Then you will have no chance at all, right? Right? Thank you! So nice. Please go back quickly, Hayama will be here soon! Good morning! No… I saw nothing. Yuki, what… Ah, finally got caught. There’s nothing between us! We’re just… We? You are so cool, to dare to touch the director’s girl. No, no we are just… It’s okay! We’ll keep it a secret. We have nothing to hide. Hey, have you explained to Goro yet? Not necessary. Not necessary? Not necessary. Not necessary? Why didn’t you try to clear it up with him? If you don’t do anything, even you will lose your job. Well, that he found out about our relationship,
we can’t do anything about it
and he might love more this way. And I will be in a big trouble. I feel sad… Very sad… Not because of her,
but because my friend betrayed me. So I said… Sorry. So I said it’s a misunderstanding! Next please. Let me listen to your chest. Heaven… Seems just fine Hell… Next please. Heaven, hell, heaven, hell, heaven… It’s a coincidence… That she moved in next door. That’s right… She got into your room coincidentally. And had a drink with you coincidentally. I forgot to make a phone call! Shit! Next please! Hell… She’s just an innocent woman,
why must you seduce her? I just had something to tell her. What did you tell her? You… Did you just want to help us? Exactly. I was just telling her what a nice man you were! Next please. No… Definitely not. Have I ever betrayed you before? Never. We are friends, that keep helping each other. Good. Heaven, I am coming. Next… What a coincidence. I was surprised, too. From now on… I have been appointed as the consulting doctor here,
so you can see me anytime. Yes But… We can not completely check in here. So come to the hospital when you have time. I will. If you want to date me, here is the telephone number. Yes! This is J-Wave broadcasting, sponsored by Heart Sports. This program is finished, but more shows are coming soon. The theme of the show is something like turning the marina
into a “snow world”. So we want you to create a holiday atmosphere. This is an important show that serves as
a guide to our new brand.
So please keep that in mind. Okay, I understand Then, thanks. So that’s all? Any questions? No… Oh yeah… These are the tickets to the event
that my company sponsors. Busy? You may be too busy to go,
so please give them to your colleagues. Thank you. Whether the answer is “yes” or “no”,
you have to tell him. You’re so afraid of being transferred? No. But I still don’t know much about Shintani-san. Why don’t you see him privately, then? This is from a DJ at J-Wave. Sally Shabata-san? Is she famous? She was my junior in high school. She’s your ex-girlfriend? Ex-junior! But you love her? I don’t! You sure? Are you very very very sure? You can tell me. Why should I tell you? Don’t underestimate me. Actually, I’m more dependable than I look. I even helped a little bird once. Human, I am not a lost little bird,
I’m a human. I don’t mind if you come with us. Why me? And whom do you mean by “us”? I mean you and Sally.
How about a double date? I don’t know what you’re talking about? That’s why you’re so lonely. She gave you this
because she wants to have a date with you! Last Christmas Initial English translation by Studio Oto
Transcriber & Additions : KidD01/P-Chan Waiting for someone is kind of special, isn’t it? I often wonder what kind of clothes he will wear. Sometimes guys look cool in the office,
but dorky outside of work. Right? Sometimes… Take going to the beach for example… The uncool guy will wear a borderline T-shirt
with a jacket but only cover his shoulder.. And wear shoes without socks. So horrible… No… Please don’t… And Wait for a long time? Mango, mango.
Notes: “Mango, mango” is a funny way to say “gomen, gomen”,
which means sorry How am I? Perfect! Really? Coordinated dressing, coordinate. Wow! Great! This is like Cayman Dolphin, right?
Notes: Possibly refer to Cayman Island, where Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman is And this is Bangkok Dolphin!
Notes: Possibly refer to Bangkok,
where Dolphin Show Safari World Bangkok is Which one is more expensive? Just kidding!
Notes: Goro is making puns in Japanese, English translation ones will not make any sense. That is Cayman Dolphin, get it? You feel hot right? No, I like this. It is hot, right?? I like to wear it like this! It’s cool. Episode 2
A Miraculous Night Let’s go! Can you “sea” that sea elephant? Just kidding ! Funny, funny…! What are you doing? Just think this is me and wear it. Looks great… kidding. Let us wear this forever and ever, get it? They are hopeless… No matter how you look at it, they just don’t match. You think so? I think you and her are a good match though. What are you talking about? Yes! I’m done! Yuki-chan lost again! Loser! Just kidding! You are unlucky… Ken, your work looks so professional. Oh, that? He said he wanted to start a ski board shop
when he leaves the company. Really? Well, may be. A ski board shop, can tailor make custom ski boards. You know, the factory has limitations. But my shop will custom make ski boards
for different customers, that fit their own needs. And then they can unleash all their skills. Even a little shop… It must be great to tailor make custom ski boards. And that is your dream? Yea, maybe. Ski boards don’t sell well these days.
Even our company is cutting down on them I admire him. What? No… I just want to escape from reality. I’s just a stupid dream. Goro is different He’s the director of Heart Sports, and leads the company. No, no. By the way, how are you doing, Kenji? Hey, how do you feel about him? I love him. That is so great! But not that kind of love. It’s that kind of love A couple is born! What will happen next? May be double date will become a double wedding. Right? That is impossible. Oh no… Aoi just didn’t know how to respond. I think she just needs mor time for her love to grow. Love isn’t something you grow. It’s there from the beginning. I mean you and Goro. There’s no love between Shintani-san and me. Haruki-san, you know I love someone else. Are you a gentleman? Wait a second. You also cheated and played games with him! And you don’t have to talk like, “He’s not my type”. Okay, then you date Shintani-san! No, I won’t! Me too! I see. You love someone else. No… I understand… And I’m just a spare. Not a spare… Okay, I give up, but I won’t give up! Eh which? Excuse me! Hey, wait. Goro… Wait… Wait up. I wonder why Yuki said all that. I really wish she knew a way of putting things nicely. I guess she tried to protect you. What? Yes? Sorry… I asked you to go… But, why did you said that? Sachiko said… It’s because you heard I was going to be transferred,
so you tried to protect me. That’s nonsense! Helping others is meaningless. Everyone should be able to solve their own problems. I don’t think so. It’s true! Have you heard? In life… Some people catch the “Joker” but others don’t. Joker? Like, you are exhausted after work
and luckily find a seat in the train, but you may end up giving it to an old lady. Or going shopping and then it rains. Or having a happily married life but then you get very sick. The sickness is cured now, but it’s an unlucky life,
just like when you always lose in a poker game. No matter what other cards I get,
I just can’t throw away my “Joker” for the rest of my life. Your “Joker is…? Good night! I hope you’ll be able to open your ski shop soon. Thank you. MARINA SNOW PARTY
We all arrive at Zushi Marina at 16:00 today.
Site Management and meeting held after arrival.
Jackets brought by Higaki of Product Development Department This event will be held on a boat, so safety is the main concern. Also remember that this is the actual launch of the campaign. So do your best! Okay! We will! Everyone, work hard! Yes! Director, I was looking for you. You’re going to the site today, right? Yes. Would you check the plan for the show? Oh, yes… About your transfer… Yes. You don’t have to go now. Instead, Higaki of Product Development Dept.
will be transferred to China. What? This is your design too, right? Yes. All my friends and I are fans of your work too! Thank you. All of the Higaki’s boards are using you design. What an ideal team. Yes… I think I’m lucky to have this job. I mean, it’s cool that couples or lovers
can work together to create a product. There’s nothing between us. Bye. Ritsuko-san… is worried about you. Liar. She doesn’t any interest on me. She only thinks about her college professor
whom she planned to marry. However, during a storm, he had an accident. And is now under the grave. She’s always thinking… She’s different from before I’m back. If it hadn’t rained that day, she would be married to him. And she wouldn’t have to be a designer,
but rather a happy housewife. How do you write a resignation letter? It’s not confirmed yet. I’ve already decided. If the company doesn’t recognize my talents,
then I will quit. It’s not like that. They appreciate the fact that you helped Ritsuko. Then how come no one is trying to stop my transfer? All the seniors think that I’m a smart ass. Thank you. Everyone here? Yes. Thank you. I’ll leave the rest to you. Let’s go everyone. Tappei and Kyoko joined together… have dinner. What’s this? I will wait for you. Come on. Let’s go. Okay. Yes! I won’t let my troubles bring me down! Motoyama. Yes? The car… It’s waiting at the front door. Excuse me. Can I come with you? You may come tomorrow. I’m not that cruel. Even if there is nothing happening between us… I won’t have you fired. Tonight, you don’t have any appointments. Yes. Can we… have a date? Can you move that a little bit? Higaki. Good job. Thanks, good job. I heard about your transfer. The jackets are in key colors… and the jackets are in these two boxes,
on the right are silvery white and in the left are dark gray. Okay. Product delivered,
I’ll be heading back to the office now. Senpai! We’re having a break now. Okay, let’s get something to eat
before the rehearsal starts. Great, how about you buy us a BBQ lunch? Fine… Ken! Yo! Wait… The bill is on you. Do you remember a classmate called Kurahashi? Kurahasi? He had a daughter when he was 20. I remember now,
he was a member of the baseball club. That’s right. His daughter now studying in our high school. Really? One day, he saw his daughter kiss a classmate.
He got so angry! You lag a long way behind him, don’t you? You too. I’m sure you will be a good wife. I think so. Never thought about getting married? Once… When I was in grade 10,
there was a guy that I wanted to marry. This guy would often eat a hot dog in only 3 bites. And he would often have a ketchup on his lips. He was so cute that I wanted to give him a kiss. I’m not sure why, but I gave him a handkerchief instead. What are you talking about? If I could have kissed that boy, and married him… May be we could see our kids in school. What will I do if I see that scene? Want try? What? It needs 16 years. Excuse me. Hello? I understand, okay. Work? Yes. I have to go. Thanks for the lunch. I’ll reconfirm the appointment. Okay, thanks. Bye. See you later. Yes. Aoi? I didn’t know you were joining us today. Thank you. Sally-san is here too? Yes, she’s the MC. I see… Then? What do you mean by “then”? We employed her as the MC long ago. Why do you always want to think that way? I didn’t say anything. That’s fine then. Is she staying in your room tonight? We won’t go that far. Then how far are you going? That’s bad… I might have to pay for your trip to Yellow Knife Hey, did Higaki say anything to you? He’s going to quit. I see… Shintani-san has the power to rearrange the transfer, right? Yes, I think he does,
but he doesn’t really care about Higaki,
so he won’t bother to do it. Then I have to do something to change his mind. But you two are no longer going out,
so how can you change his mind? So I’m going to make a relationship. What? What are you talking about? Do you mean a private relationship? But Higaki’s transfer is a company decision. I don’t care whichever, as long I can stop his transfer. But Goro is serious. If you let him have a relationship with you… Let’s talk about it later. What do you mean? This doesn’t concern you. You always want to put me and Shintani-san together! I do that only if you really love him.
But you don’t love him, so I give up. How about I talk to him? It’s none of your business. But… I’ll handle it myself, please leave me alone. You think that will make Higaki like you? Remember? I said love isn’t something you grow. If love doesn’t exist in the first place, it will never exist. Unrequited love, forever. Then why? Haruki-san… You only love someone who loves you? But… that is too lonely. Yes. Senpai, big problem! You have to come here quickly. What? Okay. Hayama! Excuse me. We ordered all colors,
but we have twice the amount of grays but no silver! What time is it now? 5 O’clock. Everyone is getting angry because we can’t start the rehearsal
until midnight if nothing is done! It’s Higaki’s fault. I understand. We’ll start the rehearsal as soon as I get back,
so get all the lights ready by then. I understand. I’m very sorry. Apologize later. Check the product first. Check that one. We can not work in this condition. How can we work like this? Stop yelling, and speak Japanese! I entered the competition for the first time in college,
and I won an overwhelming victory in the second place! Second place? Yes! I was invincible! That’s great. After that, everybody feared
the Shintani Goro of Bunkyo University. Because you finished second? Yes, because I finished second. Everybody probably thinks that I made this mistake
because I was upset about the transfer… Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Higaki… You’re dating Aoi, right? Aoi? Yes, but she’s just a drinking buddy. I see. Please don’t misunderstand. I hear that she goes out with lots of other men. You really think so? Huh? Well, she may say so to you, but… She really… What are you talking about? Don’t worry. I’m a gentleman, I won’t do anything bad. Yes. Have some champagne or wine, before taking a shower… No, no shower, just have a drink. Everything is okay? I’ll ask them to start the rehearsal right now! Okay. – You take care of this.
– Yes. We don’t need you here, please go find Aoi. That is none of my business. Higaki… It’s her misunderstanding. Even so… I never asked her to help me. Aoi-kun! I…I’m Ritsuko’s fan. I see. I’m glad that the company can produce her products. I see… But if Higaki is transferred she won’t design for us anymore. Aoi-kun… Aoi-kun! Wait, what are you doing? Mango, mango. Well, has the transfer of Higaki really been decided? Aoi-kun! Wait! Aoi-kun! Wait… wait… Senpai! We’re ready to start. Okay. Aoi-kun! Wait… Why don’t you have a shower first? Yes. That way! Yes! We’re checking PA tomorrow. For now, please check the lights and the proceeding
Notes: PA=Public Address system (sound system) First of all, Sally makes introductory remarks.
Then M2 starts. And then the models come out after that. And then… Excuse me… I’ll be right back. Where are you going? Drawing the Joker. Drawing the Joker? Aoi-kun? You still there? I’m here. Wait… Let’s go. What? Let’s go! Who’s that? Room service. This is the wine you ordered. Thank you. Why are you here? This is wrong. Leave me alone! I can’t leave you alone. Wait… Wait…! Sorry to keep you waiting, Aoi, but the lion is clean now. GAO! (GROWL! – a lion’s roar) Let go off me, don’t bother me! Do you know what you’re doing? Senpai! Yuki! Well? Good we found you. You two please go there. Please! Come, quick! Wait! The models need to wake up early tomorrow morning,
so we let them go. Sorry! Thanks for your help. Okay, first, go to the place with mark. When you are there… Turn one round and pose. Okay, stop right there. Like this? Hey, smile! It doesn’t matter. So at the start we… If I wasn’t there, what were you going to do? You’re willing to do anything for Higaki? I always do things my own way. I don’t need anyones help What? We’re not lovers, so you don’t have to care about me. Okay, next… You two cross and go to the next mark. Back to back and then pose. Okay, stop. That is the closest spot. First, introduce the staff, then the model comes out. So I’m not allowed to care about you if we’re not lovers? Eh? I know I’m just your neighbor. So that means I can’t care for you? Why do you want to care about me? Why…? I’m not a little bird; I’m a human being. So I believe in other people. Give your seat to an old lady…
It’s not unlucky, it’s lucky! If it’s raining… Just wait a while. It’ll stop eventually. Even a sickness can be a turning point in your life,
if you take it the right way. For example… it may be unrequited love now,
but he may love you someday. If you still think you are so unlucky… I can take care of the Joker for you. I think I can help a little… Now you’re lecturing me again? Or… Do you like me? What are you talking about? I’m not… He? I understand now, that is love. – No, not love, it’s care!
– Sorry for waiting. You two, march to the head of the boat. Please. Please. Yes, I see. You can just out the board aside. Don’t worry, just listen to me. And then, Aoi in the front,
and Haruki-san you stand behind her. More. Haruki-san, closer, closer. Just like the pose of Titanic. Titanic? No way! It’s too late to say no. Come one, everyone is waiting. How can we do that? You really want to do that? I might have run away. Huh? If you hadn’t come, I might have run away. I see. But I did choose the most unstylish underwear today
so I would never give in again. I see. Just like Titanic? Yes, just like Titanic. The new material we are using can control the body temperature. It is very good even in low temperatures. You will have more details in our video. When is the Titanic part? It was only for you two,
nowadays no one will buy the Titanic. Kyoko-chan! Last night, you suddenly disappeared.
Where did you go? Sorry, my stomach hurt… So… Because of you, I drank with Kenji all night. After you left, he came into my room. He said Higaki is a talented person,
and I should not let him go. I think he is right,
so may be I will talk to the president director. And, we did nothing last night.
So how about we have a date tonight? You know, I won’t give up. In fact, we are a good match. Good match. Little Sachi is so pretty. Really… I have a plan. How about sending lots of postcards to her radio program? What plan is that? I want you to marry her! – And the name of the plan is…
You don’t have to name the plan. Why? I’ve got to go. I’ll tell you, woman… You can make her fall in love with you instantly with this plan! Stop joking. Good morning. Good morning. – How are you?
Fine Is she Sally Shibata? Yes! I have to go. Why, is she your friend? Wait! Next Episode Preview Let’s have fun! I hope our clients are not here! Hey… Don’t copy me! I’ll fire such jerk. Even if my eyes meet yours,
my heart doesn’t start beating rapidly. I have a right to call you. Because I love you, Naoya. Aoi? Stay away from me!

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