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Lace N Loop Glove Converter Straps Review

Lace N Loop Glove Converter Straps Review

Hey guys this is Arron from Fight Quality
Today I thought we’d take a look at one of our favorite recent discoveries the
Lace N Loop glove converter let’s check it out right so if you’re anything like
me then you’ll know that there’s something better about a fit of a lace
of love malko gloves just can’t quite compare to that fit around the wrist but
lace up gloves are a pain because you can’t always get someone to help you out
maybe you’re training alone or maybe everyone else is busy and you just want
to put your gloves on and off quickly well these are a glove converter which
means basically it’s a Velcro section you add on to the end of your laces
which allows you to do the glove off in your own take a look at how this works quickly
Lace N Loop sent us over to their straps to test out they
sent us this one which is a red and black limited edition one they also sent
a patriotic edition which is white with blue and red so basically the lacing
loop is this long strap which basically is two different postures velcro
a hot pile velcro and the soft part velcro the loop around your glove is
secure the way that they do this is that you
connect them to the bottom of your laces instead of lacing up as you normally
would you just wrap it around your wrist and then secure with the velcro as soon
as an action right so when you’ve got a strap attached to the end of your laces
all you do is you tie the laces around your glove taking both laces and going
around the same way with them with these gloves I’m going to be following the X
lace track on the arrival RS ones but if you have any ridges in your gloves just
go around them as you would normally so all you do is you follow the track round
and then at the end get the strap you pull it over pull the other section
around to strap on and there you have it in our waist up I was really quick
didn’t take on at all the end of the day if I was trying to get someone else to
lace me up I’d take ages trying to have them lace up each glove individually
whereas I did this myself in a fraction of the time the other cloth can be a
little bit more fiddly to put on just because you’ve already got one glove on
but if end of the day it’s not impossible and it’s still going to be
quicker than get uh someone else to if you’re training on your own you
wouldn’t be able to do any other way so it’s just a really great way of doing it
so don’t the quality of straps that you’ve really nice other lace converters
we’ve seen seem to just like attach onto the laces and perform a whole thick
strap around whereas these they’re a little bit thinner but you actually get
to use the laces as well so you get the most out of the lace-ups they’re not
just turning your gloves into a velcro glove they are making it best of both so
it’s still a lace-up glove that you can just do up in your own I really love
that to be honest and that’s one of my favorite things about these glove
converters is just the way that they still feel like a really well done of
lace up so I’ve managed to do it myself in seconds
swinging I’m doing the straps you have this little fabric tab which is a little
not only tab that you can just grip onto instead easy to grip down even with
gloves you just pull it off and then undo the laces that’s pretty quick to
take off I really had too many problems there’s an elastic eight section here
which just means you can get that nice tight stretch at the end at the last
section when you’re pulling it around so that works really well as well be honest
I can’t really fault these at all they’re really well-designed product
even if it is such a simple idea I haven’t really seen anyone pulling off
something as well as this right so the lacing loop straps cost about $20 in the
US which is about 15 pounds in the UK that’s a little bit money if you bear in
mind that people often spend well over 100 pound on a good parent lace-ups
these which you can take off and put on without ruining your gloves allow you
just again actually use of life out of them just give you more options of how
to use them especially if you’re training on your own you can use your
favorite lace-up cups to train at home now so you can really get your money’s
worth out of them so I do think this is a good investment
I’ve really enjoyed these straps they’ve been really easy to use and they work
really well right so that’s it for this review if
you like this take a look at flight quality comm for more reviews and guides
if you want to see more video content from us hit the subscribe button and
we’ll see you next time

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  1. just got this exact combo! Gold Rival RS1 18oz & Lace N Loop in Mexican red white and green. I will remove the ugly Lace N Loop logo and have a beautifully laced glove

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