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L28: Distributed Shared Memory| Algorithm for implementation Shared Memory| Central-Server Algorithm

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  1. Sir no doubt you are so good as teachers or you also teach us in a amazing way but sir sry to say we requesting from last 10 day to cover whole syllabus but still you upload only one new lecture 😔😔

  2. Which of the following can define the concept of distributed shared memory, in the context of distributed systems?

    Combination (logical) of virtual memories of the individual nodes

    Combination (logical) of physical memories of the individual nodes

    Combination (logical) of secondary memories of the individual nodes

    All of the above

  3. as per you said that the read replication allows you to update (write) the data, but what I've read is it states that it is a "multi-reader, single writer" algorithm. it won't let any other processor update the data except just reading it unless you're the owner. kindly help me with the doubt asap. Thankyou.

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