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Kym Douglas and Ellen Hit the Mark for Day 1 of 12 Days of Giveaways!

Kym Douglas and Ellen Hit the Mark for Day 1 of 12 Days of Giveaways!

We are back with Kym Douglas. The holidays are
here, and I want to celebrate by playing
a brand new game. It’s called “Santa
Clause This Sentence.” And here’s how it works. Kym is going to help me. I will show a sentence,
and two audience members will have to find the
clause, noun, verb, preposition, conjunction– Oh. You know what? Forget it. Let’s just do day one
of 12 Days of Giveaways. [CROWD CHEERING] [MUSIC – ANDY WILLIAMS, “IT’S
wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle belling
and everyone telling you, “Be of good cheer,” it’s
the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the hap–
happiest season of all. With those holiday greetings
and gay happy meetings– Oh, boy. That is Donner. That’s our new 12
Days mascot this year. Hey, Kym. You’re always full of energy. Tell us your secret while
you stand on one leg. Oh, I can easily do that. Ellen, I’m going
to flip a switch– Nope. –as soon as I know where it is. All right. It’s right here. Let me do it. Oh, is it there? Oh. There we go. Well, Ellen, with the
Keurig K-Duo Plus brewer, you can make a single cup
of coffee or an entire pot. The Keurig coffee station
is a perfect accessory to store your favorite ground
cup of coffee or your K-Cup pods. Along with this
$300 Keurig package, you’re also getting a
$250 Target gift card. [CROWD CHEERING] Hey, Kym. You know how to light up a room. Tell us how you do that while
balancing this egg on a spoon. What? I will do that. So, the next gift, Ellen, is–
let me just show you guys. Are you ready? Yes! Now, this is really cool. You guys, this is GE Lighting. It makes LED+ speaker bulb that
connects to your phone so that you can stream music
from your light. How crazy is that, Ellen? That’s crazy! You don’t need an
app, wires, or Wi-Fi to sync the multiple bulbs
together for surround sound. Even I can do this, Ellen. It’s as easy as screwing
in a light bulb. Along with the GE
Speaker Bulb, you’re also getting a $300
Target gift card. [CROWD CHEERING] Kym, not only do you have
a sparkling personality, you also care about
the environment. I’d like to see how well you
do with this next challenge. Let’s see if you can tell us
about this gift while getting as many marshmallows in
your mouth as you can. OK, Ellen, let me just do that. So– Don’t– yep, yep, yep. Just do that. Oh, dear. The SodaStream, you
guys, is really great. Look. [CHEERING] Sparkling water and
beverages at home with just the touch of a button. The SodaStream users
drink more water and help with the environment by saving
thousands of bottles and cans from landfills. You can buy
exclusive SodaStreams with your $300 Target gift card. [CROWD CHEERING] All right. All right. Let’s do some quick
math right now. So far, that’s– carry the 1,
minus the 4, divided by 2– Kym, a little help. All right. So, Ellen, that’s $850
for Target gift cards. Yup! $850. [CROWD CHEERING] Thanks, Kym. You’re a real smartypants. Yup, you got it. All right. Let’s see how smart you
sound while inhaling helium from a balloon. Oh, dear. Oh, no. Oh, no. Let’s see. Oh, gosh. Uh-oh. So, here we go. You have to let go of the– I did it. All right. That’s fine. Mhm. I know that you can save
hundreds on Cyber Monday deals on Target.com. Good & Gather is Target’s newest
and largest grocery store. It’s their own brand. It will soon have over
2,000 high quality items. Their affordable
products are made without artificial
flavors, synthetic colors, and high-fructose corn syrup. You can– And– You– it’s my line. Oh, I’m so sorry. You can shop Good & Gather with
your $500 Target gift card. [CROWD CHEERING] We have one more gift
when we come back! Kym, do you like
award-winning massages? Do I? Then, give me a massage. OK. Tell me about that
place that you like. Oh, my gosh. Ellen, there is one place
that is absolutely magical. I went there last week. Can I show you guys what I did? Yeah, let’s take a look. OK, let’s do. OK. Yeah. And to the left. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CROWD CHEERING] Hi, Ellen. Yeah, I’m down here. Ellen, hi! I’m here at Miraval
Austin Spa & Resort. Here at Miraval, it’s all
about life in balance– body, mind, and spirit. This is a time to
unplug and be present. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CROWD LAUGHING] There are over 100 health
and wellness activities. I wouldn’t think, at a
health spa like Miraval, that there would be hatchets. What I like to invite
our guests to do is to focus on something that
we’re trying to let go of. Eliminate the distractions. And then, I’m
going to let it go. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yes! Yes! Look at these happy,
sweet chickens. Hi, guys. Ellen, Miraval even has
the calmest chickens. Look at Bowie. We’re going to play the
crystal bowls together. And it’s really
this inclusive resort. Who’s your favorite sous-chef? You. Thank you. Absolutely. Delicious food. Mm. Beautiful pools,
mindfulness, peace. All this encourages joy,
connection, and creativity. The fabric holds up
to a thousand pounds. So, you know, we’re safe. Susan, I think you
just called me fat. No, no, no! No, I think you did. It’s a stretchy,
so you push it– Oh, look at me. –and take a little swing. Oh, dear! Can you see me? I can’t see you, Susan. Can you see me? And then, knees both
out, slide on down. You’re holding your fabric. Voila. I’m not exaggerating. I think I could
teach this class. Oh, Ellen. Thank you for sending
me here to Miraval. I wish everybody could feel
as good as I do right now. [MUSIC PLAYING] That looks amazing. [CROWD CHEERING] I haven’t been to that one yet. I’ve been to the Miraval in
Arizona, and it’s amazing. This is brand new. It’s worth over $4,000. You’re all getting a
relaxing spa getaway at Miraval Austin Resort & Spa. Yay! [MUSIC – ANDY WILLIAMS, “IT’S
wonderful time of the year. [CROWD CHEERING] (SINGING) With the kids
jingle-belling and everyone telling you, Be of good cheer. Today the gifts are
worth more than $5,000. We’ll be back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. Ah! [BLEEP] God! [BLEEP]

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  1. Love her show and how she always helps people sure would love to win the giveaways. When my boys were living they would laugh and watch Ellen every afternoon even when they couldn’t understand it after so many seizures my mom and I knew that they were listening . Keep up the great work Ellen

  2. Who tf is this Kym tho? She doesn’t know what is going on. She revealed the gifts too early and sorta ruined the surprise part. The audience was just confused.

  3. Fingers crossed that I might be a lucky winner. Will donate most items for folks more needy than myself, although that spa vaca sounds mighty nice!

  4. I absolutely love how Ellen has the guests do funny things while talking about the prizes! It makes it so much fun for all!

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