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Knowlen and Yates – McCook Feature Video

Knowlen and Yates – McCook Feature Video

What we have is the type of store that we would seek out a visit when we go to cities and all of our friends, almost without exception, would say the same thing that we go we go to this kitchen store, that kitchen store And we’re going to go to Denver and Kansas City or Chicago or any places like that. So there are a lot of places that offer what we offer But they’re not doing anything really differently than we’re doing. We’re nationally competitive out here. The neat thing about our store Is that when you go to the big city and go to those stores, they have a tremendous amount of overhead built it in, in rent and utilities and all that kind of stuff which we don’t have. So we’re nationally competitive and, in many cases, even more than nationally competitive Price wise a lot of people think that because we’re out here in the middle of nowhere our prices must be sky-high We get a fair price for what we sell But it’s generally, almost without exception, nationally or better than nationally, competitively priced This store so we could You know have access to more of those kinds of things But we also knew kind of what the benchmarks were for the products for the store Or to sell, you know, I mean, we knew what about the good quality lines. We had done a lot of market research On our own in our own kitchen before we ever decide this is what we want to sell We’ve had several brands of this type of item And this is the brand that that we’ve read about as being the best, use it ourselves, and we like it and that’s the one we go with Good quality that last you a long time, you know we all strive to work with the highest quality tools we can Get up every morning and try to be a good community man and try to Be a good family man and come down and try to offer the kind of stuff your customers want to buy. We’re trying to be educators and teachers as well as just purveyors of the product I mean you could go to stop playing stores where they just have stuff on the show because the Person who’s worked with this stuff on shelf and they know nothing about it. We try to know the ins and outs of the product we sell, so we’re kind of students of food and we were always interested in the higher quality kitchen tools.

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