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Kitchenware Superstore – BPAY Case Study

Kitchenware Superstore – BPAY Case Study

I’d like to keep BPAY as my own little secret
to be honest. My name is James Patten. Welcome to Kitchenware
Superstore, we’re an online retailer of all the best kitchenware in Australia.
We’re predominantly an online store so this is our headquarters, all the orders are taken
over the internet and this is where we despatch them from every day.
We have a couple of core values here, and one of them is to keep it simple and BPAY is an
inherently simple system, log-on via the internet, transfer the money, it clears within 24
hours, and then the other thing of course, one of the big challenges for an online
retailer is trust! When you mention the BPAY name, the feedback,
you can hear it in people’s voices. When we first launched BPAY we thought that
it might only be for big business, a few phone calls to our local banking business
manager put us in touch with the right people and I think it was a smooth process from that
point onwards. People are often quite pleasantly surprised
that they don’t have to pay by their credit card and you can say “well you know what
if you’re worried about shopping with us, have you ever used BPAY to pay your electric
bill? You can pay the same way”. Everybody has a wish list of what their business
wants to be and one of ours is a smooth transaction. We can’t do business unless we can take payments
online, thankfully for BPAY I think once it was set-up from that point onwards it’s never
had to be looked at. It was very easy to manage your cash flow
when you can see the payments arriving in the bank within 24 hours of the transaction,
there’s no cash flow issues, the money’s there, it’s good to go, you can ship the order.

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