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Kitchen & Household Gadgets, National Home Show, Part #1 of 2 for Men & Women, Awesome over 50

Kitchen & Household Gadgets, National Home Show, Part #1 of 2 for Men & Women, Awesome over 50

Hey awesome ones, Heather here and today
we’re at the National Home Show. Oh my gosh we’ve just done a walk-around
before starting this video. It’s so big we’re going to have to put this video in
two parts. So let’s start with part one which is going to be gadgets
and gizmos, all those kind of things that maybe you’ve never seen before and then
for part two let’s look at maybe some technology. Some bigger ticket items.
Items that you might want to put on your wish list or maybe even your bucket list.
It all starts in just a few seconds. All right I know I’m supposed to be
showing the gizmos and the gadgets but if you show me like a garden sort of a
general store type of thing like this…… I’m gonna stop for like a half an hour. I
just love these things and also you know the way that they put the lights
inside of jars and love-love-love. Got to get some of these things for my home. So I’m here with David and David’s a hairdresser and he’s got this new gizmo
and it’s to straighten my hair. And you know I love my curly hair but I also
like to straighten it. So let’s just check this out. Go. ahead David Start on inside…… And it’s getting rid of some of the
frizzies – right and it’s not baking my hair. No it’s not metal.
It’s hundred percent ceramic from the inside and infrared laser. Okay but look
at how fast….like that’s really fast. All you need is just a few minutes in the
morning. For busy women or also lazy women. Okay sometimes we’re a mixture of
both right. We are also talking and everything explanation and everything not more than five minutes. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Right and David I usually like to have a little curl inwards. Can it do the
curl inwards like this. Like a little curl like that. This one you can
do as I told you or a flip on…err…a flip in. Alright let’s do a flip that way. Yeah
flip it. Like you want you can just do like this……
flip in…you see…flippin. You see…ya…if you want it out just do it to the other side.
Alright so can we just do this side then? Let’s do it here…okay I did like my hair today with the curly
but you know what it’s all about telling you guys what’s new on the market. Okay
so I love love love this product from Royal. And what we’re going to do is
we’re going to have a link below so that you can purchase it if you want to. it’s
only available in the USA and Canada at this point, but you know we might be able
to find some other links for you maybe on Amazon. We’ll try but it’s Royal and I
really love this product. I think it’s gonna save your hair in the long run. Boy
this really feels silky…love it. Okay so I’m here with Jay. Hey Jay. Bill and I
love wine and they’re getting back into a lot more corked wine because there
isn’t really a shortage of cork anymore right. Thank god it’s so much more romantic…..
with these synthetic corks which this works great with synthetics also but
it’s just amazing how much better natural fibers are…uh-huh…we’re
doing…we’re seeing it in cleaning we’re seeing it in kitchens, you know with granite and all that. It’s just natural substance is amazing it’s good
for us. So this is not the way that we’re used to, you know where you really have
to do really a grind in order to get a cork open. And just…this was
invented by two women. Two ladies running a winery up in San Francisco California.
Actually in Point Richmond which is where Pixar started. The Oakland side of
the San Francisco Bay Area. And I always loved it you know…men have
been opening wine since before Jesus and it takes a couple of women to change the
industry and flip it on its head. The secret to this is the needle and
for older people too you know you got arthritis and tendinitis. I had a
Coast Guard vet working with me and he couldn’t even use this kind of wine opener
anymore. Now see the needle. So what it is… it’s a stainless steel hypodermic needle
with a ceramic finish on it. So if you have any ceramic nonstick cookware at
home think of it kind of in those terms. You press it right down through the cork and
you just give this a couple of pumps, so if you have arthritis or tendinitis,
bursitis lazyitis or drunkenitis it works the same way right. And you slide
the cork off. Now that’s without the safety guard. It comes with the safety guard…….
goes on like a jar lid and then this is polycarbonate, you know what that is.
Yes what they make riot shields out of. So it’s super tough and you press that
right through the cork and you give it a couple of pumps. Now you can do it
right-handed or left-handed. Now here’s the neat part. Watch closely. To remove the
cork…fingers on the ring…thumbs here and squeeze and it slides your cork off just
like that. Isn’t that cool? And this is the product here. Can you show me how we can
make an ice-cold bottle of wine. This is phenomenal. It’s probably my favorite
thing of the whole set. It’s stainless steel. Food grade stainless. Got an oil core
sealed on the inside. Screws together, you keep it in the freezer and when you’re
ready for that next bad decision they drop right into a bottle of white and
you can chill the entire bottle in under 10 minutes. All right it’ll keep it
ice-cold in the hot Sun, on a deck or a patio for up to an hour. And here’s the
best part. When you’re ready to pour you pour right through it. Sweet. So picnics dinner parties, barbecues, champagne…if you really want a party…tequila. I bear no
responsibility for actions taken on that one. So there you go. I told you I was gonna find
some great gadgets and gizmos. So thank you so much Jay and thank you for
introducing it. We look forward to seeing you out here at the show. All right take care. So I’m here with Laura from Euro steam.
And you know what I I’ve got this. I’ve got this kind of idea here. It’s the iron
and also the steamer and I quite like it and we’re talking less than two
hundred dollars on these, but I found this little steamer and it’s what about
eighty dollars? And I don’t know I think I’m gonna get one of these because
this is so awesome. Show us how this works Laura. Ok so we want something light weight and easy to use. The unit weighs one pound. Water goes right in the handle. What’s great about it is how
efficient it is. As soon as you load the water in it’s ready. You press the
button. Ten seconds in you’re gonna get steam. Yeah it’s a little bit unique.
Instead of a normal unit where it heats to high temperatures, it heats just to a
boil then uses a pump to pressurize. So it’s the pressure you need for a heavier
thing like a cotton, but it’s at a temperature that’s safe for your delicates.
Now the key for steaming is quite simple. Put a little tension in your fabric. This
unit will go directly on the garment and then allow the steam to do the work.
The heavier the fabric the slower you move the unit. That’s a heavier cotton.
That’s right we decide if we’re gonna do anything we might as well do cotton. And
you know what I can see with something like thi… like I sometimes I I don’t
bother with that and I even put it up in the shower and you know putting it in
the shower doesn’t work guys. It’s not gonna work for you, but something like
this…I sound like an infomercial I know, but something like this Euro Steam it’s
done in 10 seconds and away you go. So awesome gadget here. All right…so talking about gizmos and
gadgets I have this at home and this is just a fabulous thing. I’m going to show
you in a minute, but also and this gentleman here was showing me, massagers
for your back where you can just sit down, but I’m just gonna sit here and
it’s been a long show. Can I just get you to help me with that around the neck
there. Thank you so much. And you just put your arms through this and just think
about ahaha thank you……… just think about watching TV and okay
you know this is why I love the home show. I find things like this
and these are under $200 and they’re probably around $100. So definitely
something you could get right now. So another gizmo that you probably need is a great kind of rain showerhead like
this. Tthis isn’t just a rain showerhead. I’ve been to people’s homes
and I don’t know just water drops on top of me, but this one….you can move this one
around all over the place and kind of distribute it and and directionalize it,
if that’s a word. They’re absolutely fabulous and fun to
have and I just thought I’d point this out because they are less than $200 and
how many times do we shower in a year you know we got to have something good. Oh and I almost forgot. It also has one of these gizmos for you know really
getting into your hair or whatever you need to do. And it’s all part of the
package. So it’s two, two showers in one. So although this is about gizmos and
gadgets I just had to bring you through some of these outdoor oasis. This whole
end of the Home Show is all about plants and flowers and come on and follow me
along here. It’s just like a little Japanese garden or something along those
lines. It’s absolutely beautiful and tranquil and don’t you just love it. And
while we’re looking at some outdoor peaceful types of things, what about a
beautiful koi pond. Look at these beautiful beautiful fish here. Hello. I gotta tell you Hurricane wouldn’t like
this little guy…… So gizmos and gadgets but also beautiful
things and accessories. Again another kind of general store type of store
within the Home Show. Just take a look at some of these beautiful items
that you can get. And don’t forget your gardening gadgets.
We have one of these at home. It’s absolutely fantastic. Especially if you
have like a front yard and you want to sit in the chair and do your watering. Like
it’s a little sprinkler. Lots of great gadgets here too at the Home Show.
Okay so awesome ones so ends part one of our home show and I hope you enjoyed
some of those gadgets and gizmos that we found. I’m really sorry but no
Hurricane in this one. No dogs allowed, but we’ll make sure that we show him to
you in part two. And don’t remember…errr don’t forget rather that next week on
Tuesday will be wish lists and you know bucket lists items. So those are the
big-ticket items. So until next time keep on dreaming, keep on being inspired and
keep it awesome.

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  1. Totally irrelevant comment but I have to say I love your hair straight . You look more youthful, very pretty ! But I've been looking for one of those for a while but I'm in the UK. So guess I'll have to keep looking . Great vid. Can't wait for part two 👏

  2. Love the garden area! I saw many things I would love.
    OMG! Love the straightening brush!
    Our Home Show pales in comparison to this one. Our is this coming weekend and neither my husband or I are excited about it. 😢
    Excited to see part two. I did get some good ideas from this video.
    Keep smiling – Barbara

  3. Fun show. Your hair looked great! Bill may find himself behind the brush instead of camera. lol Looking forward to part two also. 🌻

  4. The wine bottle opener is wonderful! I've had bottles that had to wait for my daughter to drop over. <grumble grumble> 🙂 Mary Lou

  5. I make those light bottles with a nice clean empty container and some battery operated lights, so much cheaper than store bought! I have used nice wine bottles, glass vases and bowls! Easy!

  6. Hi Heather, love the cork screw product, makes it so easy!! Some great products there! Looking forward to seeing the big product items next week! Love Debra xxx

  7. Hello Heather,
    You did a great job at the Home Show! I love the wine opener and chiller. Thank you for showing us all the wonderful gadgets. Looking forward to Part 2. Love and happiness from Teresa

  8. Heather, I love, love, love your hair straight like that!!!! I think it makes you look younger when it is straight….very classy 🙂

  9. The wine bottle opener is just marvellous, and so is the cooler device. I also love the little steamer. I'm hopeless with devices. I buy them, put them somewhere safe, and forget about them, but these I would use! I also love the hair straightener. Your hair was lovely both before, and after, Heather. It looks like a great show. Looking forward very much to part two. Thank you both, as always, for bringing us along. Hugs to Mr. H. xoxo

  10. LOVE your curls Ms Heather but I really love your hair straight too, you look so pretty but you always do! That hair straightner did an amazing and fast job! Can't wait to see more neat gadgets in part 2 of this video, love these Home and Garden shows! Tell Bill and Hurricane Hello for me!

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