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feels like a princess for a day wow very cool right this is the presidential suite at Majapahit Hotel Surabaya it is not a penthouse room but it’s a house! let me give you a house tour starting from the entrance the door gate all with a gold touch so luxurious there’s a grand piano look guys woo fantastic right now let me show you what’s on the first floor there’s a living room on this first floor very huge and spacious, this is all living room and at the left side, there’s a meeting room here is the working desk area woo very nice, feeling like a boss this is a big sofa kind of chair wow here’s to sign up some contract documents wow the view is amazing right? it’s facing to Majapahit Hotel’s garden area it’s an open air area there’s also two outside gates at this presidential suite it really is one big house with two gates to go in and out to the garden let’s go check what it is on the 2nd floor it’s a two floors big house wow this place is so huge guys looks a bit like my grandpa’s house it’s about 800 square meter, 800ish let’s check upstairs there’s a beautiful staircase here like in a palace let’s check room number 1 the master bedroom here’s at entrance there’s a foyer there’s some antique home accessories and here’s the living room inside the master bedroom wow so huge! it’s like a living room inside a house and there’s a huge mirror over there here, for ladies who loves big mirror checking up on herself wow guys look at this so princess, with this huge curtain decoration this is the master bedroom, wow very huge one the view is facing.. the beach.. ehh hahahah (wrong) hahahah I went to Bali too often I said at the beach hahahah I think the bed is very princess like I think this bed is queen size but this is wow haaa I feel like a princess for a day after this I’ll take you guys to see a very special room inside this suite why? come guys, this is the bathroom area also very huge one and this is inside the bathroom on the bath up the shower is made from real gold 24K gold plated shower so they said this shower is real gold plated look all gold woo how does it feel to take a bath with gold shower? wow this gold shower is so shiny woo insane real gold plated look guys, so shiny goldy after the very huge bathroom here’s a very huge wardrobe this is a very special wardrobe area complete with its own glass door wow one huge specialized wardrobe area for the guests who stays at this presidential suite there’s also a cabinet another big mirror and here’s the wardrobe wow all of this to put all of the clothes amazing! it’s a house a very big house the size of this presidential suite is a house size and like what I mentioned before 800 square meter, 800 ish it’s the biggest in South East Asia not only the biggest in Indonesia but the biggest in South East Asia wow so proud right that the biggest presidential suite in SEA is in Surabaya at Majapahit Hotel I really didn’t expect that this presidential suite is two floors suite I thought it will be just a penthouse room did you watch my video from Bangkok? the penthouse at The Peninsula Bangkok? I thought that one is a very huge one already but this is another level this is a two floors house I really didn’t expect about that I’m really amazed with this suite ok guys today I’m feeling like the rich staying at the presidential house my house for the day now I’m crossing the hall to the spa I’m gonna have a spa this afternoon at Martha Tilaar spa that is located inside the Majapahit Hotel Surabaya this is their only spa which located inside a hotel usually they only have their own spa but this is their spa inside Majapahit Hotel spa time guys first they asked me to choose the aromatherapy that I like they have lots of selections and it’s all Martha Tilaar’s products and then they asked me to change my clothes and be ready for the massage the treatment today is the aromatherapy massage so the oil that I chosed earlier is for calming and the smell makes me feel so relax for the massage type I chosed the full body massage and it’s more like a Javanese spa Javanese style massage and for the price here is very affordable I’m so surprised cause I thought it’s a spa inside a 5 star hotel so it really is not expensive dinner time guys dinner at Sarkies restaurant inside Majapahit Hotel it’s a Chinese restaurant and the place is very unique like in the old time let’s check it out I’m having Chinese dinner at Sarkies restaurant they’re famous for their Chinese food inside Majapahit hotel if you happened to “mlaku-mlaku nang Tunjungan” (meaning) strolling around Tunjungan you can have a stop at Majapahit Hotel at Sarkies restaurant I think their Chinese menu is very classic from the old time Chinese dishes, classic taste the interior is also very classic it’s very unique, I think it feels like it’s from the very old classic Oriental style here you can have dimsum during dinner time so if you feel like having Chinese dimsum in the evening you can go to Sarkies restaurant let me eat my dinner good morning, guys today my theme is colonial Dutch lady theme look at this place the Majapahit Hotel is so nice I love it, real colonial style feels so breezy it’s a very old building but for me it feels so homey here here I am at the breakfast place there’s some canapes here lots of choices and there’s red soup so yumm and lots of hot food selections and there’s “Jamu” selections I’ll have some “Jamu” traditional herbal drink and here it’s some cereal etc fresh fruit juice, soya milk etc many choices here’s some fried dimsum this is very very good so good and some bread pudding I’m making my own version of coffee latte so I asked for double espresso and I’ll pour it to the milk here voila! it’s a very strong coffee latte here it is guys I’ll try their “Rawon Poached Egg” it’s not “Rawon” soup it’s poached egg with “Rawon” sauce I’m gonna have a taste of it and here’s what I have everyday here fruit tart so good and their bread pudding is very good too it’s still warm, it tastes very good cheese I’m having cheese everyday cause I’m a cheese lover and their coffee is really good too here guys I ordered this from the staff it’s an omelette souffle with minced beef it’s one of their signature egg menu you can order it by the staff and this is their “Tigan Lapis” they have four signature egg menu I’ll try it one by one by ordering it tomorrow 2nd round trying their hot food selection I mix a little bit of everything some Chinese and Indonesian food love their Indonesian fried noodle some potato tots and some spicy chicken some Indonesian chili with fried battered fish and some fried dimsum I’ve tried it yesterday and it’s good dip it with Bangkok’s chili sauce and then some omellette classic mix omellette look at this hallway guys very old colonial style but I love old colonial buldings very much now let’s check the room hello guys, it’s time for a room tour wow look at this room guys old colonial style from the 1910 I really love it it makes you feel like you’re back in time to the old colonial era when indonesia was colonized by the Dutch it was a very difficult time indeed but the European influenced architecture is amazing this is the Heritage type of room you really get the old colonial feeling it’s divided with a partition like this and the TV is inside this wooden box it’s looks very old style but inside is a flat TV just the packaging outside of it to enhance the classic colonial time feeling here’s to put the luggage and here’s the wardrobe quite big one looks like from the old time too and big mirror here woo for the ladies looks like from the madame era very antique classic mirror and the bed over here you really get the old time feeling with two poles both sides with lots of pilows and a cushion pillow to add the old time feeling also written on it “since 1910” to enhance the classic feeling and the partition there so this room feels very unique for me not too big and not too small I think it’s a perfect room size and guys, I think the bathroom is exceptional come take a look with me wii, so cool right I don’t know why but I really like it with all of the ornaments in it it’s really thematic I really feel like I’m still in the 1910 but I’m not sure if it’s still the original from the 1910 or they renovated it in the 60’s but it feels so classic look at these boxes here the wooden accessories wow this kind of style i really like it and over here the bath up on the bath up the shower is also gold color feels so luxurious, classic and warm color and goldy, this all feel woo the sink’s facet is also gold color gold touch I heard every bathroom accessories is gold plated or not? we can ask the staff later if it’s true or not this is also interesting toilet and shower is separated the toilet has its own glass door very classic glass door looks like a telephone box isn’t it? London telephone box? this is very unique but maybe it’s a good idea to have this door for toilet so it doesn’t smell haha and the other side is shower looks very old and classic too it really looks from the old time if I’m not mistaken, the public restroom downstair near the lobby is still the very old one with chain to flush it, old style I’m not sure we can check later for the Heritage type room it has a balcony like this wow it’s interesting like the colonial time I think the tiles is still original from before and all electricity switch and door bell is all still original like this guys, wow this place is really something special woo thank you so much for watching till the end see you on my next videos don’t forget to subscribe/like/comment/share to my Youtube channel ciao!

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