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Jellyfish Lamp: Ocean ambience for your desk

Jellyfish Lamp: Ocean ambience for your desk

Jellyfish are beautiful,
fascinating creatures that seemingly dance
through the sea. Bask in aquatic serenity when
you turn on a jellyfish lamp. A whisper, quiet
personal aquarium. A pair of translucent
silicone invertebrates glide up and down in the
water, and change color as they swim above the
multicolored LED mood lights. The jellyfish lamp is an
elegant, fun desk piece that’s a bit more unique
than your office mates beach memorabilia. Oh, cool lamp. You should put some goodly eyes
on it like this little guy. Dickler is a fan. I think it’s fine
just the way it is. Come on, Pee Wee Herman. I can see island vibes
aren’t wanted here. Making pina coladas
in the break room. To get your jelly swimming,
fill the tank with water, add a couple of drops
of dish detergent, and enjoy sea life
at home or at work. Shop for the jellyfish lamp,
and hundreds more gifts, at Vat19.com. Vat19.com Yes, I’ll hold. For more crafty gifts,
check out these videos. And make sure to
subscribe to Vat 19 so you don’t miss out on
any of the good stuff. And share this video if you
know what’s good for you. Yes, I have not received my
500 pounds of googly-eyes.

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  1. What they say: "The pair of jellyfish glide up and down through the water"
    What the jellyfish really do: "HERPADERP"

    So graceful.

  2. If jellyfishes are Beautiful, why don't they have a face?

    Someone please call 911

    Because i died of this super cringy comment i made

  3. wow its insane i can get this at a store for 200 dollars but at your website its 20 jee thanks! ive been always wanting this

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