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JB Hostetter & Sons – Lawn & Garden Department

JB Hostetter & Sons – Lawn & Garden Department

I’m Demas Moyer. I’m the lawn & garden manager. I pretty much wait on everybody that comes within 12 feet of me or in the same aisle. You know you just come in and tell us what you want to accomplish, what you want the lawn to look like, and the problems you’re having and we’ll come up with the solution together. We’re a one stop solution for a homeowner for taking care of all your problems yourself without hiring out a contractor you can do it yourself. If it’s not in my department, it will be in another department of the store and we’ll introduce you to the people there that can help you get your project completed. If you have a question for me, you can come right in, ask for lawn and garden or call the store and ask for lawn and garden and I’ll help you out. We stand by what we sell and back it up and we’re always her to answer your questions. We’ll do the best we can.

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