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JB Hostetter & Sons – Greenhouse Department

JB Hostetter & Sons – Greenhouse Department

I’m Kim Vanlenten and I’m the
greenhouse manager and buyer. I’ve worked at Hostetter for 15 years. We have over 16,000 feet of greenhouse between the gifty and plants that has to be taken
care of. We carry a wide range of pots, fairy gardening, wind chimes, wreaths and
garland, hooks, we carry windmills, we have obelisks. Almost anything you could
name, we have and if we don’t have it I can see if I can get it. You should come
here because we have the latest varieties of plants, excellent value, our
quality is second to none. If we don’t feel a plant should be sold it will not
be out there and if you have any questions you can ask any sales person
out here and they will know an answer for you.

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