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Japanese Traditional Metal Craftsmanship | Kitchenware | Tsubame Sanjo – Japan Vlog

Hi, today I will show you Japanese traditional Craftsmanship and Kitchenware from Japan Last week Friday, we had Labour Thanksgiving Day Usually on Public holidays in Japan, it’s very crowded on the streets People use, during the week, mostly trains But weekends they love to bring the cars out and drive somewhere. Especially if it’s a long weekend like Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So my husband took one day off, because he needed to go to the tax department. And after that we left around mid day, Thursday for Niigata. We didn’t drive this time through Tokyo, because Tokyo is usually very jamed. And we drove around Tokyo to Niigata. The streets were not that busy, it was ok. My husband is a family man, he love to visit his parents and his brother in Echigo-Yuzawa. So, whenever we have the chance we will go there. We use it as a base to make day trips in the region. This time we chose to go to Tsubame Sanjo. I have never been there and he told me that there is a lot of Japanese traditional Craftsmanship. And a lot of kitchenware. And of course I wanted to go. I am always interested, especially in this traditional Stuff. This video is about the way there and you can see the beautiful scenery of Niigata. Usually tourist they go to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima or maybe Nara or Yes, mostly this regions. It’s a little bit like a window shopping guide, so if you are interested. I will not comment on the things because I think they are self explanatory. You can even see prices. Everything is in Yen, of course. Maybe you get an idea, when you come next time to Niigata where to go or even get (an idea) to buy something for Christmas. We bought this stuff. We bought the colander or sieve. This cup(s) have this beautiful carabiner on it. Both of my sons love to hike and we thought oh …. I thought it is a cute idea to give as a Christmas gift. And this two straws they are from metal. They have this traditional Japanese decoration on it. And I thought there are very cute. And I like also the metal chopsticks. The Korean are using metal chopsticks. I like the Metal chopsticks a lot. Ja, so please enjoy the video. I see you Thursday again.

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