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Jacksonville Businessman Celebrates 50 Years At Home & Patio Show

Jacksonville Businessman Celebrates 50 Years At Home & Patio Show

I can’t believe it’s been 50 years. It
really took me by surprise. I was unaware of that. It just seems like last year was
30 years. I don’t know what happened. I love it. I think it’s great. I think it’s great that a show of this quality has survived
50 years. The booth was only $175 at the beginning and so to me for four days for
a hundred and seventy dollars that was that was a no-brainer there. It worked. It
took I think it took five years before it really caught on fifty years ago. It
was quite different than it is today. Everything is more technology now. We
didn’t have that back then. It was, it was different. It was a whole lot easier. I
mean we didn’t have computers. Everything was pencil and paper. People pay to come in
here and spend money. They come here for a reason. They’re looking for quality and
this show hat is a high quality show. I came to Florida in ’52, I believe I. grew very
fond of Jacksonville. I love Jacksonville so I decided to start my own business. I
love what I do. I love outdoor work. I can show you what to look for. You can see I
got a tree that looks like that then you can go home. You can look at that and say
yeah he was right. Then you call me and I’ll point it up to you and I’ll show
you what to do with a lot. I don’t want you cutting on one of these big old
beautiful live oaks and put in a billboard. I love them. I want, I want them
trees to survive. I don’t want them to call somebody and come and wack them trees
down because they’re sick. You don’t have to take a tree down if it’s sick. I mean
you don’t get rid of old people just because they’re sick. Take care of them.
The character of this city is trees. It’s a tree city. It’s a green city and that’s
why it’s so attractive. I love trees. I love trees I if I can if I can still
climb a tree I would do so.

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