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Introduction to Lamp Kit

Introduction to Lamp Kit

Video series of Solar Student Ambassador Workshop Introduction to the Lamp This video will introduce various physical and technical components of the SoUL Kit which is required to make the Solar lamp. The SoUL kit is divided in two parts- Physical Component and Technical Component We will now look at all the components of the Physical and Technical kits. This is the base bottom where PCB and battery are placed. This is base top which is placed above the base bottom to protect the PCB and battery. This is the switch cap or dust proof cap which prevents dust to settle on the PCB and battery. This is the LED cap where the LED light is placed on these four holding points. This is the LED reflector which is placed over the LED cap. It helps disperse the light outward. This is the LED face which is completely transparent and helps in dispersing the light outward. It protects the LED and it is placed over the LED cap. This is the goose neck. It is flexible and therefore change the direction of the lamp in the desired direction. Now let us move on to the technical component. The most important component of this lamp is the solar panel which is kept out in the sun. It comprises of silicon cells and its wire is 2.5- 3.00 m in length. The next technical part is the PCB or Printed Circuit Board. It is responsible for controlling the flow of current to the LED. It has several technical parts on it. You can see the connector, the DC pin, indicator and LED switch here. Next component is battery which stores the solar energy that is generated by the solar panel. It is with because of the battery that we are able to light the lamp with the PCB at night when there is no sun. This is the load wire which connects the load LED to the PCB. On one end of the load wire is the connector and the other end is open. The next component is the load LED which is the source of our solar energy. Load LED will provide light once the lamp is assembled. Let us know more about the technical components. These are small screws which are used to secure/bolt the PCB to the base bottom. These are big screws. Three of such big screws will be used to secure/bolt the base bottom to the base top. The one remaining big screw will be used to secure/bolt the LED cap, LED face and LED reflector together. On this side you can see a few stickers. The first sticker is the ’70 Lakh Solar Urja lamp scheme’. The second is the sticker of our funding agency- ‘Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’. These stickers provide information about our scheme and are put on the lamp. This is the warranty sticker which is stuck on the base bottom and base top. If the warranty sticker is intact it means that the lamp has not been fiddled with. These are the product code stickers.

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  1. thanks for telling but would you please tell us how to make it or join its parts to make a table lamp. Please make a video for it too if you know about it.

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