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Interior Design Tips: IKEA Home Decor Products! My Top 5 List!

Interior Design Tips: IKEA Home Decor Products! My Top 5 List!

Today we’re talking about IKEA decor! Once you’ve chosen your paint colors and
furniture it’s time to decorate your home. Decorating involves things like
choosing artwork for your walls or arranging decorative items on your
shelves and selecting home accessories that will be practical for use but also
add to the visual appeal of your space and I like to choose items that will
suit many different settings because I like to move things around one of the
best places to shop for home decor is IKEA I have a video that lists my top 10
designer approved IKEA products it’s linked below but this video is more
specifically about decorating and home decor products so let’s go shopping here
are my top 5 home decor products from IKEA number 5 on my list from Ikea is
pretty darn simple it’s this beautiful picture I love it because it’s a
beautiful soft white finish and it’s actually made of stoneware so it has the
perfect weight to it when you hold it in your hand so you can use it like a
picture obviously but I love it for decorating purposes add a loose bouquet
of flowers to this vessel and you’ve got a perfectly casual and unfussy look I
also love mixing it up with other stoneware vessels and vases like this or
using it on a nightstand for a drink of water in the evenings it’s the perfect
casual object to decorate with the next item on my list is from Ikea x’ mirrored
apartment the wrought sund or Stockholm mirror comes in two finishes white or
walnut wood grain and again it’s design is just so simple and beautiful I love a
round mirror and the frame on this piece is super slim and modern but aside from
the sleek look of the mirror the frame actually widens at the bottom and can
act as a shelf too so it’s great for an entry hall if you don’t have a lot of
space for a console for keys and eyeglasses and even if you’re not using
the shelf the sleek frame and round shape is
perfect for pretty much anywhere in your home I love it above a dresser in a
bedroom or above a console in your hallway I love this next item the Snopes
ax or is it the snuffs ax it’s a clock and it has a great bronzy
brass finish and a deep dark blue face the contrast is very sophisticated and
the small round shape makes it easy to add to a collection of decorative items
on any surface it’s just very pleasing to the eye I love it on a nightstand
which means you can put your digital clock to bed officially or mixed in with
other pretty objects like books candles sitting on a tray on your coffee table I love using natural elements in
decorating my home one very practical way from Ikea is the flattest basket
baskets add texture and warmth to interior spaces in addition to being
useful storage containers this particular basket has a unique shape and
can transform as well where you can showcase the items inside by keeping the
handles flipped inwards or you can hide the items inside by flipping the handles
out personally I love it both ways and the fact that these are handmade makes
each one unique from cables to knitting projects to plants this basket is quite
versatile and will look great in your home and finally my number one decor
item from Ikea is the Stockholm 2017 table lamp this lamp stands out from
Ikea other lamps because shiny and flashy and it has a very strong shape
with brass being a very popular metal finish I’m loving the clarity and
brightness of this all chrome lamp it provides both up and down light and I
love the proportions because it’s medium sized which means it mixes well with
other decorative objects like this so there you have it my top 5 IKEA home
decor products that I love to decorate with all these items are simple in shape
and design but are also versatile and can be used in many different settings
in your home look for these five the next time you visit your local IKEA
thanks for watching this interior design tip I’ll have lots more design tips just
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thanks again for watching and I’ll see you soon

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  1. Great choice. I love all your videos as they are full of interesting content and so concise and to the point!

  2. Dear, those baskets are everywhere here in EU, actually the Ikea one are more expensive.
    My No. 1 is the SKÅDIS serie. It's multifunctional and can be painted. Anyway, I hope you have stores other than Ikea too 😁

  3. Yes its nice to see widely available items that are neutral and go in ecery setting. Only the clock is a no all the the other stuff tnx.

  4. Can you pls do a video of a more classy Ikea hacks like the leather handle for the Knodd pail ..looks like a million dollars

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