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Interior Design Ideas and Tips for a Contemporary House Design | TOP 5

Interior Design Ideas and Tips for a Contemporary House Design | TOP 5

Do you want to decorate your home or are you
looking for new tips on how to re-stalyze your house? well search no more because this
video is for you! Hi! I’m Zahira Cury. I’m an architect
and lighting designer, founder of D.Signers and in this video I’ll show you 5 simple
ideas and tips to help you get a contemporary look at home! first it’s important to know what a “contemporary
design” is. contemporary style doesn’t refer to a specific
time period, it’s constantly changing to reflect popular styles of today’s design and trends.
that’s why i love this style, because it gives you more freedom to combine and define
your space and you can easily evolve as the trends go! but nowadays, what’s in style? well, simplicity,
sophistication, textures, solid colors, clean lines, high contrast and a clean appearance
are the words to define contemporary style decorating. to get the look of a contemporary home, it’s
important to follow some basic rules! when it’s come to a color palette in a contemporary
space, neutrals, whites and dark colors like black or dark gray are a perfect pick. One of the trends that are really coming back
is Beige. I think It’s the perfect neutral because adds warmth to any space.
With walls painted with basic neutrals you have a wonderful backdrop for
bold colored accessories. black or dark gray are favorites to ground
and define a contemporary room use it for an accent wall to emphasize a specific space
or area. I will confess, one of my favorite trends
of 2019 is Black Matte and I feel we’re going to see it playing a bigger role
in the years to come. forget clashing and garish patterns: contemporary homes are known
for their neutral and elegant palettes but this doesn’t mean this style has to
be boring: accents can come from adding a solid splash of color to a specific wall,
a vibrant painting, a brightly colored chair, ottoman, cushions or some specific accessory. furniture pieces should make a bold statement
but at the same time be simple and clean without any kind of decoration. also, furniture can often come in black, white, any other neutral color
or why not? your favorite color tone but always with exposed legs. remember to go basic, bare, bold, and structural.
don’t use ruffles, floral prints or elaborate details that can ruin the simplicity of the
furniture. add light fixtures with an abstract structure
and metallic elements. Use lamps with character and sculptural shapes that can contrast with
the sobriety and rigidity of the space. don’t clutter the contemporary room with collections
or too many lighting pieces one or two impressive lamps are enough. the other areas can be illuminated with lights
that form a part of the architecture like a LED Strip or recessed ceiling lamps. Nature inside is always a good idea because they can work on
making spaces feel more human. since this style is a little bit rough, we
need to soften up the environment. In a contemporary style, plants and flowers
should be large and dramatic in simple containers. you can use large scale leaves and put them
in a glass container in a simple and natural way. mix it up a little with some dramatic art
work. wall art with geometric shapes and sculptures are a must have! It’s better to have a spectacular huge artwork
than a lot of small ones that can saturate your space. You can use the wall art to add color, texture
and shape to your space. Thanks for watching and remember! If you liked this video don’t forget to click like and subscribe to follow our channel to see more about design and architecture! see you next time!

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  1. I like your design taste very clean simple and elegant. Your color selection is excellent because of your tips I like to use black in my living room wall thank you more power to you and hope keep on posting very inspirational design tips

  2. Why are we decorating based on the latest trends, or categorizing the trends according to the years instead of the characteristics of the trends? I agree with minor redecorating, but I don’t think anyone would want to limit their canvases to a trending style of any specific year.

  3. Omg I could listen to you speak all day! How lovely – that voice, that accent, that smile! A fine remedy to all the squawking teenage beauty queens on YouTube:-)

  4. Do you think industrial/loft interior is evergreen? I can see people applying its elements in their interiors all the time but it looks like the demand for this sort of interior items is not stable.

  5. hi,
    I have beige décor carpet beige ,oak coffe table with glass top and book shelf oak color I need to change sofa can I use purple sofa for this room has lot of sunlight small living room white blinds can u suggest

  6. Please help me to sell my furniture … share the website and work need help thanks !! Www.ibexdesign.in

  7. Mam, how about if I paint the wall of grey and the ceiling is silver it is a good combination ? I love your videos , really a great help

  8. As an Interior design student I found out your videos are really helpful for me to complete my thesis this year. Thank you so much 🙏

  9. My livingroom is painted white and has a stone fireplace. Do you think that if I paint a wall grey my focus point will still be my fireplace? I would like to add a contrast color in a wall because my house is an open floor plan and my kitchen is also white.
    I loveee your videos!!! Thanks!

  10. Hi,
    Do you have tips on teal color palate? I need to decorate/furnish my living rooms and I want one of them to have a teal couch or curtains. Can you suggest what kind of other colors I can add around it, like for carpet and furniture. Thanks!

  11. I really enjoyed watching your video!! I learned some great tips 🙂 I am looking to purchase a sofa and wanted to know if you could share some great furniture stores…especially for the sofas in the video

  12. I like the way you explain everything, so that even a person who is not sure what contemporary means can understand ❤

  13. Your design speaks to my soul and by far are my favorite designer. I am currently ficing up our newly purchased place. But my couches are those heavy leather pieces very closed to the floor. Im thinking of replacing the legs with higher ones, dying the couches white. WE Already started prepping the floor for high gloss epoxy white, open the space and then want vertical floor to ceiling white mini kitchen. I wish you were here. I would love to show you the progress for input. Lotsa love from Gea Holland from South Africa. Ps:Perhaps we could video call when you have a minute to share

  14. I really enjoy your videos, they’re super useful now that I’m planning on buying and renovating a house. I have a bit of trouble arranging the basic layout of the furniture and making the most out of the spaces, it would be amazing if you could make a video with advices in that area. Also I would like to see something about Scandinavian and rustic style. Thanks a lot!

  15. I would like a video like this, but about what to invest in decoration and where to go more for budget choices concerning decorating the whole House or Apartment. And as well as how to avoid costly mistakes.

  16. Hi Zahira , I am really impressed to see your all video . You are the one and the only architect who work on nature principle that’s why it easily attract to anyone . You are the best. Keep inspiring

  17. You are great, M so addicted like, it has become my daily routine activity to watch videos. Can I have your email I want to share my house design with you. Thanks

  18. Ma'am…. myself is an interior designer

    I ll give u exciting topics for videos

    Please do make for my as well as other people's awareness.

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