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Interior Decorating Ideas : Choosing Color Schemes to Decorate With

Interior Decorating Ideas : Choosing Color Schemes to Decorate With

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick, and today I’m going to
show you how to choose a color scheme to work with. What you want to do is try to look at
the room, look at the area. What it–wherever it is that we’re going to be working, look
and is there already something there. Is there something you already have to use, so that
will have to be taken into consideration, but really it’s wide open. I’m a decorator,
and I love working with what people have. I tend to love color on the walls, but I also
tend to like, at times, I am very monochromatic, in I love, like this is one of my rooms, and
you will see a lot of wood and dark and brown. I just tend not to–I really like the calmness
of having a lot of natural texture, a lot of natural wood, but not a whole lot of bright
color in certain areas. Now, in a play room in a certain area, I might like the zippy
color, but like in this room, I like using the neutrals. I love using all the natural
textures. This is a color that I really would say is not a good color to work with especially
on the wall because I think it turns out fleshy. This was–this color was here before I got
here, and so these walls will be changed to a more neutral color that is softer. This
is a little bit fleshy for me, but what I do in working with a color scheme is what
colors do I like, what colors really interest me, what things do I have that I have certain
colors in that I can pull out. An example is I have this chair, and so this chair has
greens in it, whites in it, orange, yellows in it and reds in it, so you can really pull
out a few colors and work with it. But what I don’t like about a color scheme is a lot
of times people will stay just with that color scheme and, you know, things that shouldn’t
even be colored, they put in the colored scheme like I really don’t like colored candles.
To me, colored–there shouldn’t be colored candles. It should just be a natural color.
So, don’t buy a red candle. Buy just a neutral candle, and try to be careful that you don’t
over kill your color scheme. This is Ann Myrick, and that is how you choose a color scheme
for rooms.

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