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Interior Architecture at Curtin

Interior Architecture at Curtin

Tonight is the Interior
Architecture graduation show. Each of our senior students
exhibits their final year project, and we have industry come down
and check out the work, and it’s kind of our
social occasion of the year. My project was
the design of a tea house sort of based on
the Japanese tea ceremony and bringing that into
an Australian context. My project is about technology, and creating, hopefully, an awareness
about technology in our homes and what it’s taking from us. People are interested
to see what you’ve done, and spent so much time on. But, yeah, it’s
a really good opportunity. Really impressed with
the quality of the work. You can see the amount of effort
that’s gone into it, and a lot of really diverse projects,
which is fantastic. There’s a constant stream
of feedback from industry, making sure that our graduates
are getting what they need to be able to step out into
the workforce ready to go. Fortunately, this year
I got here a little bit earlier, so I got to get around
and see some of the work, and I have met a couple of the
students over the years as well. So to hear from them first-hand
about their projects, sometimes that’s
a lot more meaningful than, necessarily, the final board
that we see on display. Job opportunities
and just getting to meet people is such a huge part of our industry, so it’s very exciting to get to
meet the people behind all the firms and the names that we know. The competency in the skills that every year seems
to get better and better, but also the thinking
that goes into every project just seems to become
more and more methodical and considered in what we see, which is fantastic for industry. We have a course that is very much
aligned with practice and industry. So most of the staff teaching in the
course are practitioners themselves. It teaches you this
very valuable way of thinking and how to imply that in pretty much anything you would do
with design in the future.

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