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Install Furniture Power Anywhere | Legrand

Today’s world demands easy access to power
and charging. Over a third of office workers use 3 or more
mobile devices. And we spend an average of 4.5 hours on phones
or tablets every day. With so many devices people need a quick,
easy way to charge up. No one wants to fumble around on the floor
to find an outlet. It’s frustrating and convenient and frankly
out-dated. Now you can easily add power and charging
right where people need it, by using the furniture that’s already there. Our furniture power product offering includes
the Desktop Power Center Slim as well as Radiant and Round units. These products install quickly and easily
into existing furniture and are available in several stylish finishes. They are a great solution for work stations,
tabletops, and even headboards. All products are available with traditional
power as well as USB type A and type C ports to work with all the latest devices. Their solutions are easy for facility teams
to install and are a cost-effective addition to any project. There is also a real opportunity for revenue. One corporate customer added the Desktop Power
Center slim to all their facilities. Adding up to over 17,000 units and a sale
of $550,000. As the world continues to use mobile devices,
the demand for convenient charging is only going to increase. Furniture power is a quick simple answer. When you meet with facility teams, ask what
they’re doing about power and charging. It’s a conversation worth having. To learn more, reach out to your Legrand sales

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