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Inexpensive Home Decoration Ideas for Christmas and Winter

Inexpensive Home Decoration Ideas for Christmas and Winter

Inexpensive Decoration Ideas for Christmas Filling your home with yuletide decorations
doesn’t have to put a stress on your wallet. much of seasonal decor can be made using items
that you might already have lying around! Illuminated Wine Bottles
Save those wine bottles from your holiday shindigs and transform them into twinkly decorations
with a few tools and a string of LED lights. Evergreen Holiday Bouquet
Elevate your flower arrangement or centerpiece with fresh evergreen clippings. Click the link to learn how to piece together
a simple evergreen bouquet. Stocking Hangers Make your own unique stocking hangers using
toys reminiscent of those found on the Christmas lists of little girls and boys. Designate each family member’s stocking hanger
using different colors or go with classic gold Birch Wood Reindeer Place these charming little guys on your mantle,
side tables or your desk at work. Birch wood reindeers are easy to make and
wonderful to gift. Paper Bag Luminaries Safe and easy paper bag luminaries can be
made in minutes with a decorative hole punch. Tea lights add a natural glow, but if you
plan on displaying your luminaries for an extended amount of time, we recommend using
battery-operated candles. Bottle Brush Christmas Trees Arrange a miniature forest of bottle brush
Christmas trees all around your home. Click the link to learn how to dye these little
trees in festive shades of red and green. Reclaimed Wood Card Stand Display your holiday cards by making a reclaimed
wood card stand. The toughest part of this uncomplicated DIY
project is finding a rustic-looking wood beam, but you can also head to your local home goods
store and purchase scrap wood and stain to mimic a reclaimed wood find. I hope you can get inspirations by those quick
and easy projects that will bring the holiday spirit to your home.

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