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  1. Mom has a Dr Degree but doesn't know how to control her kid?
    Send his tough @#$ to "Scared Straight". Bet he won't last 1 day in the program

  2. Still think women can raise a boy to be a man? All them ho’s that divorce their husbands and think they don’t need a man to raise kids. This is your reality.

  3. “I’m not the type to want attention.”

    Proceeds to put her family’s personal issues on television for the world to watch.🤣

  4. This boy straight hung up on his grandmother's face. Boy got a damn death wish. If I disrespected my grandma like that, I'd be knocked into next week

  5. A real OG still respects there mama u think rock slingers in Compton ain’t huggin they mommas everyday before they strap up

  6. This has to be one of the stupidest moms in western civilization. I have a doctrine, I have a sober living home and I have no damn sense either!

  7. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous if kids want to keep acting like they're grown and disrespect their parents they just need to kick them out I understand that you love them but I would never ever disrespect my mother or grandmother like this smh

  8. Not only is the kid dumb but so is his mother. 1. If you know your kid does all these things and you want him to stop you dont give him money and you dont give him a car to drive. 2. If you want to send him somewhere to get help and he refuses kick him out of your house. He will quickly realize after even a week even if he doesnt have intentions of stopping his addiction he will at least agree to go. 3. Allowing him to smoke weed in your car when you drive him anywhere is a big no no. Not only do you risk getting stopped by a cop but you also risk getting trouble too for possession even if its not yours. 4. If none of these things work simply call the cops and rat out your son so he can go to jail. Dont bail him out and let jail time do its work. All this is really simple she just too afraid cause she loves her son to do what she needs to do to get him to change his ways. A lot of people in this world wont listen or respect you if there is no action to your words. You cant simply say stop it and expect everyone to listen. This kid needs action not words to give him a wake up call.

  9. They are giving him too lead way. I don’t have my grandmother anymore and wish I had her and he is taking advantage of her. Idk nor understand how y’all allow this bs to go on in your home! You want to be grown and disrespectful get tf out!

  10. It's not the weed that's the problem… Dr Phil is too naive and the family is too dumb to realize marijuana isn't that bad. This kid is on hard drugs for sure and has mental problems and especially likely problems from when he was a child… I can just tell something's up

  11. She’s looking for him when she should be calling the police and report the car stolen and when he comes back he should be arrested. She has no control and he has no respect for her discipline because it doesn’t exist. He’s wasting your time because there is no such thing as a reproductions for actions. He doesn’t even care to text back because he knows nothing. Will even happen. She doesn’t even seem to even yell at him. The mom is the complete problem. She’s not even her voice at him. She’s a child raising a child

  12. Bruh the mom is just to over protective of his child like my momma use to be like so until someone reminded her that kid is a man now wtf you doing chasing him around

  13. He’s a compulsive liar. He’s acting out to look cool and gain attention. I wish Dr. Phil would read him to filth.

  14. i smoke damn near everyday and i never ever think about running away from home and never disrespect my mom my behavior hasn’t changed at all idk if bruh just smoking weed

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