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IKEA Kitchen Fintorp Rail Installation (IKEA Kitchen Appliances)

Ikea Fintorp Rail Fintorp Rail is a kitchen appliance
a wall organizer made by ikea completed withFintorp hooks for convenient
storage of kitchen utensils combined with other accessories in the Fintorp
series. The Fintorp Rail is made of steel zinc and nickel plated so in this video
you’ll learn how to mount the ikea Fintorp Rail Fintorp Rail in a kitchen wall. first choose a location to mount
preferably easily accessible and functional after you know roughly where
should be mounted start by placing the rail in the chosen place and make sure
it serves the purpose it was made start by marking with a pencil where the
fint or Braille will be mounted at both ends right and left and recheck the position with the
brackets yeah with this is time to mark the points to
drill now with one of these base support in
this position we going to mark the holes to drill with the middle hole of the
base bracket find a guideline and we can always check back with the
bracket now in this case I am aligning the middle of the exhaust fan base with
the middle hole of the bracket and we mark the two holes to drill note
that i’m marking the smallest hole or mark the middle hole and then with the
level we can align and Mark the other bracket middle hole in this case I have
the tile serving as guides but in case of a flat wall mark the holes at least five centimeters
or two inches from the rail tips then mark the four holes to drill now i’m ready to drill yeah yeah yeah put the dowels and screw the four flat
head screws keep in mind to use only a head flat
screw now attach the base on the bracket stand with the available screw and verify that fits firmly on the wall
if not adjust the wall screws this is important to ensure a firm and
solid mount when the bracket fits perfectly is time
to assemble all pieces first insert one bracket in the rail
then all six or more available hooks then the other bracket stand remember to
put the small hole at the top now put in place and now screw the rail to the supports
for not to get loose and use the caps to cover the rail ends and this how you mount the Fintorp Rail from Ikea. I hope this video was useful to you if so give a thumbs up subscribe if you
haven’t already and I see you in the next videos thanks for watching Cheers yeah

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