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IKEA 2019 New Collection Full Tour – Shopping Modern Furniture

IKEA 2019 New Collection Full Tour – Shopping Modern Furniture

so we just entered let’s start out tour Look! this is for children. So little! Wow! Nice, yeah. So this is a living room let’s go yeah some hats yeah pictures let’s go to the next one Wow! armchairs but this is like granny style
yeah yeah this is so fun yeah but I think this is a granny style for Grandma
so all the prices are in ringgit a little bit bigger but still baby baby
armchairs yeah they cost $499 in ringgit that’s like 125 bucks
says I think that’s very small for you let’s go further so here we’ve got some
pillows for 20 ringgit. so many the living room, nice? Nice! Emily, try to open this one I think it can be opened. So can you open? yeah so we can put something here. Yes, there is some storage room yeah inside nice. Ok, so many glasses many glasses here, yeah
…ringit – yes nice lightning plants yeah this is the living room
yeah. Look here! A little chair rocking chair, a little rocking chair
baby’s got some money TV stand yeah I liked that armchair look at that. It’s so nice and cozy. So big, look So big! Wow it’s nice for traveling but you can’t put it like into your bag yet it’s so big Wow! nice sofa yeah what color is
that looks like grinnish yeah and look at that light that’s a beautiful spotlight how
much is that that’s 199 ringgit which is like $50, 50 USD yeah nice nice that’s
enough let’s go so one room goes into that takes us into another room yet so
here we have a completely different interior design nice tables there how
much is the table look at the price it’s 529 ringgit so it’s about it’s about
130 140 dollars but it’s big one yeah I want this table. yeah some place for storage yeah yeah IKEA is famous for storage. Hi how are you? she’s okay so let’s go ah this is it yes
Let’s go here! that’s the end of the room and some shelves nice
what have you got here? another sofa, yeah? so little lamp. that’s LED lamp yeah
alright so storage again. little chair. for babies. for babies? yeah I think before I use this chair for
you but now you grew up. kitchen yeah nice stylish. Cool! what is that? Look at that! Got some plates. can you open the next one? what have you got there? you see we got
a lot of storage yeah
baskets oh nice yeah nice drawer they’ve got everything there
maybe we’ve got some food in the fridge, Stefi? Can you open the fridge, Stefi?
is there any food I can’t open. Ah, you can not open. it sealed you have to pay money to get plenty of food Emi, are you hungry? Yes Quick, quick, daddy! What’s that? show me
Wow I thought we’ve passed this room but there’s… Wow lightning. you toy that’s an
elephant you that’s for babies I guess ah look how they make this face so they
put some blanket here and it looks like it’s a separate room yo nice very smart
Emily can you open the Wardrobe? check it out what’s inside? wow there is
some storage here and even above there are some boxes what’s that? A toilet for babies that’s a toilet seat. it’s safe ah, and a bath, yeah? nice, nice, nice! that’s a bedroom you see how they make
like the storage is a very small room but there are so many things so many huh
you can chill out there nice some storage room again yeah and you can use it as a
table as well yeah let’s check this living room there are
big sofas so it’s a different style yeah that this
looks like a Scandinavian like dark colors but look in here we’ve got some
terrace here this is like terrace outside yeah, like in the garden. cool! nice let’s get
inside so again from one room we go to another
another sofa what’s in it? plants
how did the window yea. Hello neighbors. Stefi, do you like the red color? if you like this room is just for you. Cool Look! Paris, New York, Kuala Lumpur. Ah, different time yeah and you got similar pictures like
cities big cities around the world look at those lights there! they’re nice yeah
over there so many books! do you like? yes that’s funny, yeah? sofas, I wanna buy one Cool. It’s so soft! really looks small to me does it soft? It’s small, but it’s soft it’s okay, yeah?
Wow Wow which one do you like? I don’t know. I like all. There are so many, I can’t see my favorite Emi, what color do you like?
I mean sofa what color do you like? White and grey I like grey. I like brown, I like green and yellow and red and blue is it good? it looks so soft Stefi, Stefi! I don’t think we have to
jump like that in this shop Cool! nice you got TV and some advertisement I think these are fabrics seems so you
choose the material for a sofa. look at those so. ah, little chairs different, got cushions sofas again oh my god. so many, I can’t say. really really too many yeah
Wow it goes all over there do you want to sleep there? I like this style yeah let’s go further? I think we saw that
style in the room the granny style as I said you look at the armchairs. many, many.any you like It can be a chair. yeah I call it a lazy chair lazy chair you can get very lazy there yes you can stretch your legs there yeah
nice so that these are like for outside in I think we had a similar chair in
the cafe. yes. do you feel like a queen? yes Emily, is it okay for you? yes. Do you feel
comfortable? I’m so comfortable! so many chairs yeah let’s go or are you gonna stay here? Let’s go further. a little one. ah, for babies. yes I think your mommy likes that one the
blue one yeah the blue one like the royal chair. so soft the cushions. candles. what is it? smells good . so do you like
this sofa? yeah you must know right now there is a
discount, so it’s 1559 ringgit it’s about 400 bucks cheaper than 400 US.Can we buy? yes sure, you pay! I know you carry you carry it home it’s a bed. yeah. I can put something here. in the drawers, yeah nice yes? Yes. What is it? plate? That’s a hat. Hat? yeah yeah just like this
there are stools tables whatever do you like that color? blue one. Look here! it’s a super bed queen king size bed royal family this for very active people yeah
I like how they use the Spacey on the board the walls how many pictures? and
there is a mirror beautiful nice? Nice and a sofa again and it’s armchair it looks dark yeah everything is grey
yeah look at those pictures they are grey as well everything matches, yes. it’ss like a chill-out room yeah Everything’s white! There’s grey. yeah here’s different yeah some different pictures like funny pictures look at the storage you see they have
like boxes, everything. I like it. and another living room Hi there!
do you like it here? yeah mommy doesn’t say anything. She’s like “ah, I’m shocked, it’s so big!”Look here. yeah, the hangers look at the cabinet here yeah over here wow, huge! so many. that’s like a window table behind the table yeah yeah I have
a good nail do you remember those chairs we have exactly the same chairs back
home yeah this is from our collection but what isn’t funny how many years
maybe like four or five years ago you don’t remember that chair but that’s why
you’ll leave in Vietnam for ages you don’t remember the chairs at home do you
remember yes sure members you remember I aligned there the cranberries and the
green sofa stable for a lady yep nice you can do
the makeup yeah so here we’ve got the stuff for living
rooms yeah all right video games what do we have here
Furniture all some toys in Nice the clock yep you can design here your
own furniture and the computer can help you with the design here you can take a
pencil and you can take a ruler and you can take some paper and whatever you go
you can draw you can take notes so let’s go further
did it get tired here no you like it yeah
it’s big but you are Shell’s yeah yeah the different types of
No here on the drawers shelves so you see
that you can put inside some boxes yeah so this held the same two different
boxes different collections remember that non chair the ghosts old best idea we follow the
arrow I think you like armchairs here you want
to stay here yes what’s there we’ve got the lantern that’s a wolf yeah
and brand them up great-grandmother you like this box take it we got all right
yeah this is a double bed yeah so because there’s okay it’s Emily yeah
it’s like a doll whew you got some space on the shelf there hello office lady how
much is the office furniture you just start toward family can’t be
more careful please that’s nice yeah
I like the blue while so many chairs and the tables too
many chairs and accessories so for example you can all be drover
and inside to see Oh first enemy this is a makeup for the makeup table I
think there might be a mirror above that okay what table did you like too many the bedrooms are there we have to get
there yeah and ice or enter in the kitchens the table with the light babies here let’s go further Sippi yeah I don’t think they sell that okay now you like Google other people
you like white yeah what okay now I know this is the storage
space over there what kitchen did you like look at that I like that wooden one
yeah it looks nice the washing machine let’s cook now okay well I’m gonna hum
Gris maybe later I design you live in the room again yes
dining room it’s been pitching here in there
yes which romantic n small but cozy so many things here inside yes you can design the kitchen here see
you can measure some equipment here Stowe’s guess those electric those
hominy let’s go further we’ve got kitchen sinks
in water caps we have here many things for the kitchen yeah
knobs here handles few many is this as a chair and as a
letter now you have taller Emmy yes
now you are taller yeah you’ve got some space is nice this
like for the cafe for the rest your Indian another lemon lemon Rumia that’s the
bedroom over there let’s go okay yeah a nice the bedroom here
look it’s small but comfortable yeah some stars around the bathroom okay a desk lamp you this full dining
room tables chairs hey where are you going too many things you’re tired yeah
okay hope we’re gonna go to this shop so that this is the shark showroom it’s not
the shop itself are you going with us a bad room look beautiful nice go let’s go you seen many beds there
yeah yeah so big yeah yeah I like this it’s pretty bad
the backyard this bedroom yeah the hole in the mirror you can store you can hand
some clothes there there’s a bed and under you can store another bath yeah
that’s with metal frame nice look at the stars here so did they always have some
space involve you for some boxes shoes and a bathroom okay hello who is here no
one pants yeah single bed that’s mine size in size just all types it’s so big yeah we cannot make video all because
hey get up let’s go mirror keys on the door yeah come stop
it enters yeah they’re Henner’s so you can put the bag or something else there what drove you got tired yeah not a bad
room you like the curtains yeah like Oh princess yeah Oh princess Emily come on
come on let’s go I think this bed fits you just right
your size and I think we’ve having through this storage space mm says save me please let me out move
the toys wow you’re fast it’s a variant can’t be poisonous
lips yeah cookies we see a nice nice nice who’s that it’s a big dog
does it look like a puppet to me oh that’s for our beds yeah or a nice color
fit do remember this one yes yes we have the blanket yeah look a huge tent like
yeah she has the second floor there so he can climb up
you see it’s a vent here this is for kids yeah man deploys many collar Arcia some
carpet there there is a furniture you toys are made
of like a puzzle you have a similar name you back home to many things there oh
it’s a board yes I use the marker yeah was it what’s there coming
I attend Cheers you can hide there like an egg chariot nice thing that’s a little bit too small
too special but it’s fun yeah the set yeah yeah we used to have that
interesting room for the boys room for the girls Emily yeah you here thank you
you are there okay you got them in the furniture the kids yeah definitely the boys red color if you say
this is a double bed where are the stairs the stairs that here yet stairs
to here but you can find them oh and you’ve got the space to learn yet
to study to write to read so I balled event and she long and a mirror here
let’s go to another section

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