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I Tried To Re-Create This $180 Sandwich • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

okay so here we are eating your feet my name is Nikki today my friend andrew has challenged me to recreate a very expensive beef sandwich that he tried while he was in Japan shooting worth everyone in this room has had the sandwich except for me here’s the video this is at a restaurant in Tokyo called Wagyu mafia cutlet sandwich so andrew tried the Kobe beef Chateaubriand penwick and Wow that piece of meat is luxurious it’s spotted like a leopard with fat dredge it in an egg wash and panco you just deep-fry it like fried chicken and they have these beautiful pieces of fluffy white bread oh this is my kind of sandwich she cut the crusts off 20,000 yen yeah we is Kobe beef the same as Wagyu beef I googled Kobe beef and the thing that is up for sale is Wagyu beef Wagyu beef is any of the four Japanese breeds of cattle there’s also one called send abuse I thought it said Sandra beef and I really liked the idea there being a big old Sandra it’s and uh I’ll buy a piece of beef and call it Sandra you should also buy some less expensive meat and plate this with that first maybe some test beef yeah so as always to help our very good friend and chef extraordinaire Rhea is here are you I’m making a Japanese sandwich today yeah I remember this place is it good that’s good so wag you means Japanese beef mm-hm and then this was a Kobe Chateaubriand is that a cut of beef yeah yes am I gonna be able to find that here you may able to not assume in a restaurant saying like all the beef hmm and then is that just like a regular katsu sauce we can buy a sauce called punk rock salt yes and then this bread I would like to eat we’re just taking people’s orders now has a little bit lighter texture look fluffier yeah fluffier and so the inside is not cooked all the way through higher comfort jar and shorter cook time exactly good luck thanks bye so we need to get cheap beef fancy beef tonkatsu sauce bread crumbs white bread preferably Japanese boyfriend I think I can do this and I think it’s gonna be a really delicious day [Music] we got the beep it’s not much the guy who sold it to us said this is its superior piece of meat second only to Japanese Viking all right we got stuff hey we got two square loaves cheap beef expensive beef we have our cuts of sauce and we’ve got some panko in here we also have some treat okay so we got this bread from a Korean supermarket in Koreatown but they also had a bakery so we got something hot dog buns I got this pink baguette oh yeah I do super weird looks like you’re eating patrick stars a hand good luck thank you I guess we get cooking so this process requires deep frying things which naturally makes me a little bit nervous but I’ve got my pot of oil and we want that too oh I don’t know anything about temperature or time difference me me she said high temperature before a short amount of time well I mean it has to get hot you’re my thermometer I’m not like tuned oh my god okay well safety first that’s heating up so from what I can tell the beef is not like seasoned in any way ingredients wise is pretty basic so the fancy wag you that we got today is not Kobe Wagyu but it’s Australian Wagyu from Blackmore farm and it is from a Chateaubriand cut it is about an inch and a half thick and it’s $40 I think this is like the smallest most expensive piece of beef I’ve ever cooked we’re not gonna start with that because if I mess it up we only have one so we bought some backup beef Black Angus tenderloins but they seem to be the right size this is the Black Angus that is like seven dollars per tenderloin and this is the Chateaubriand Wagyu which is 40 something dollars this one definitely has better marbling but like still not quite like in the video in Japan but it was the best we could do right it goes flour and then eggs I don’t got two eggs but I think that should be fine should I put salt in the flour I don’t remember if they salted it I would definitely a salt the outside after it’s done frying well anything stick if it comes fresh out of the oil and it just that’s like that time to solve right thing right oh that’s a lot of pink oh and also in the video they cook with chopsticks that’s what I’m gonna do I’m about to deliver a beef baby the thermometer says deep fry is near 375 which sounds about right here’s our Tenderloin fell into three pieces because what did you give her Bain $15 for two tenderloins I had Wagyu beef for the first time this summer at a fancy Japanese restaurant and I cried all right well I’m gonna dip this in egg panko mountains yeah that’s really a well covered piece of beef Shendu this little buddy it looks like an apostrophe that can be my test test piece singing Nikki’s face above the pot is very funny from over here all right we’re there we’re going in and starting a timer this is fun just sitting over here washing your back seat on the front seat good okay that’s one minute it’s so brown and crispy all right 1:30 salt oh it’s definitely rare might be a little too rare it’s hard to tell though cuz this size of this guy was also really small let’s try the big one see what we can do maybe we can make a sandwich out of that one I remember their beef taking kind of a while to throw really maybe it’s a lower temp and a longer fry that’s 2 minutes and 30 seconds all right let’s test it with like the end piece of this guy Wow such a puffy bread sauce on both pieces of bread or just one maybe a light coating on both mmm so and I think they cut the crust off after the sandwich is assembled nice and now I cut it into quarters looks great looks pretty good pretty close right yeah let’s give it a go [Music] there’s not a ton of beef flavors mostly just like soft texture with crunchy texture I think you can go a little less two less fry mm-hmm guys is a little overdone I would the floor may be a long minute and a half when you take out the meat it’s still okay so I’ll try it again with my second piece of cheap meat figure out a better cook time I’m hoping this will just stay together when I fry it we’re gonna take it down to a minute and a half hopefully get a little bit more of a rare inside and assemble another sandwich cutting the bread at an angle here because not a lot about me is very straight so hopefully I can do a straighter job well that’s not a bad slice okay minute thirty how the piece didn’t come off so Oh layer of sauce at the Wagyu Sando place if there’s a little bit of meat that makes it not a square it’ll cut it a little bit so that’ll be more square like that looks a lot better I think this cook time was closer to what we should be doing okay I think this is good you can see the toasty bread the sauce the cups are adding and my friend Sean’s here hi Sean come on I made a cheap beef katsu Sando but you were just in Japan I was just yeah and you are Japanese yep so you were familiar with the concept of the cut suits and oh yes please enjoy pretty good yeah although the beef is like not super cooked which is good and we ate the expensive one you just pull the meat away from the sandwich then you have to cut it with your teeth right cuz that has to do the fat content mmm the fattier it is the more it like breaks apart more easily okay well there are no more cheap steaks to futz with it’s finally time to face my fears of this very expensive piece of beef I think I’m going to slice my bread slices and have them ready to go in the toaster it’s beef time to up the stakes if you will injure in Rae were gonna be here while I make it calm in my palms are sweating you’re sweating I’m sweating here she is Angela she’s beautiful how perfectly round she is should I dab I was talking about dabbing the meat and Adam thought I was gonna like dab dab like a 12 year old boy it’s got very nice marbling yeah it’s soft it’s very tender can I do a deal so h2 you what’s an idiot okay here she goes by Sandra me a timer yes Fred’s toasting I’m very nervous it’s been a minute already oh nice color oh that piece about funky that’s okay go cut that off you’re like a coach it’s time for Sandra she’s big oh wow that’s thick mom and dad behind me you can do it okay ready Oh it’s basically just toasted meat right this is really really ridiculous okay let’s make a Wagyu beef I cry I really don’t know what’s gonna happen here oh the juices are running that’s so decadent well they taste like marshmallow like a beef mallow mmm this one has a beefiness that the other two didn’t have feel like the fat has a flavor of its own and this one that is present in the others this one the beef is the star I feel like in the other pieces we were talking about the Breton sauce olive oil mm-hmm this one like the beef just really really stands out yeah that’s crazy that’s good Thank You Annie I heard you were excited to try some beef I was you’re not in the rare beef no I’ll try anything you felt like we all ate it and it was just bad rare food really really good yeah someone’s life today we had a very expensive piece of Wagyu Chateaubriand that was dredged in flour eggs and panko and then deep-fried until it was rare and then we had some soft fluffy Japanese white bread covered in a katsu sauce with the meat placed on it cut into quarters I can’t even imagine what that restaurant is doing with like high tier Japanese Kobe Wagyu beef but I think with whatever a piece of beef you can find if you want to do this at home you totally can I’d say definitely spring for the good Asian bread get a good sauce any delicious sandwich Wow I just smell like beef oh yes

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