Hambone Blues Jam

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  1. All who call on the name of the lord will be saved Jesus said. And that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Fall in love with the Word of God.❤️📖🙂

  2. I saw the thumbnail and I immediately knew that both of them are gonna be two cringy ass kids.they must have play fortnite and literally died when fortnite "died"

  3. This is terrible but all I could think about when they were stretching that dough was I wonder how much of that guys arm hair was getting into it!

  4. Remember using pre-made store bought dough doesn’t count…like the time you did when using pancake mix for the wiggly pancake

  5. With my luck I would be the one to drop it through out that whole time of flipping it and transporting it different locations

  6. perhaps this is a negative comment but I feel a bit bummed that Alvin just do a bit, I mean, I love to see him planning n everything

  7. Very sweet, polite children. Said thank you without being told, the older one. Little things like that make me so happy!

  8. OMG, the pizza maker has all the Italian flags upside down! on t-shirts, even on the car! haha,. but I believe it, that "pizza" of Italian has nothing… mix of chopped cheeses that nobody uses in Italy… then the Parmesan? haha, if it were real parmesan, that pizza would cost $ 500, pasta 2 fingers thick, we call it: focaccia, not pizza, in Italy.. giant Sicilian?! haha,.. for the rest, nice video!

  9. dude you gotta make the "Old 96er" from The Great Outdoors. Then get the world champ in Steak eating to try to finish it!

  10. Hannah: "I know for a fact if they were to be presented with a giant pizza, their heads would probably explode."Hannah wants her children Thanos snapped from existence.

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