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I love architecture

I love architecture

What is? Inspiring and Inspirational. Symmetrical
and asymmetrical, straight and sexy. Its gorgeous and thrilling but makes me crazy. I go to
bed with it and wake up along side it. It was my smartest decision to follow it and
a blind one too. Sometimes I treat it with less enthusiasm than deserved but always happily
return. It gets old, but it never does. It gave me extraordinary gifts that can be as
tough as steel. It is the most beautiful thing in the world and my steadfast companion forever.

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  1. I really love your videos. I want to study architecture and you really inspire me. It mind sound cliche, but it does. Keep up the great work.

  2. hi doug
    i like your videos a lot but i have a critic-point, i would like to see longer videos like an documentary because your vids are all about 2 or 3 minutes it would be very nice because your an accelent teacher πŸ˜‰
    pls thumbs up so that he can see this thx

  3. you go to bed with it? doug patt, as much as i love your videos i think this statement is WRONG. you can be pasionate but when you go to bed your love has to be a little higher than architecture. best of luck, i hope you change your views , even if architecture is amazing..

  4. @lapticul absolutely not wrong. I've been doing this for over 18 years. I've (gone to bed and) lost plenty of sleep over 100's of thousands of dollars in foundations poured, steel orders placed and window shop drawings. Millions of dollars hang in the balance of drawings and specifications that I am responsible. If you've practiced and haven't been overwhelmed by that you haven't practiced architecture.

  5. @howtoarchitect sorry but i misunderstood you. i interpreted "i go to bed with it" as being something more lovely than a person or such. and i guess so did others…

  6. @bigblackhoneybadger are you trying to be profound or something? . this architecture is my hot girlfriend, my understanding friend, my true jesus, adorable pet and so on is nothing more than a fashion for 90% of architects wether they admit it or not.. spare me the crap unless you're a robot.

  7. I do not understand the talk about the lack of sleep. Really. Question: Is it possible that a good architect also gets enough sleep?

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