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  1. I thought the title of this video said "I Learned How to roll Ice Cream Like Rie" because my brain automatically saw the word "Pro" and thought of her.

  2. Ice rolls look fancy and delicious but actually they do not taste that good.Because of the cream,you can't taste the main ingredients.Maybe I haven't tried a good one yet.

  3. What the fuck is up with people wanting subscribers in the comment section

    What's the point of having subscribers anyway. Do u get money by having lots or what

  4. Lol🤣🤣…fun time !! she Jasmine is like frying "carrot cake" and that pool snaps out in real mess! but she is good though while picking up everything back on track.

  5. Ugh I really don't like her since that video with Alwin I don't know why? dumb vibes? I really don't know. There's nothing to be insecure about with her then why do I not like her? What's wrong with me?

  6. Lol. This was like an imrpoved version of Inga's rolled ice cream from that traditional vs trendy series. They already have her's, why make another video? Cause for me, her's is better than this. No hate though.

  7. i'm really thinking like why is it so special that she can do it like i'm not try to be a asshole but i'm a asshole and i think THIS IS NOT THAT HARD

  8. Love how Americans took a thai ice cream style. Then labeled it “hand rolled” ice cream. Then popped up a bunch of crappy hipster parlors around the major cities.

  9. I like this channel, but whenever I see a click bait title that jumps on the bandwagon ‘I did this’ and ‘I did that’, I click the link, pause the video and give it a big 👎

  10. This girl is sooooo annoying! Is it really necessary that these people (Tasty) be scandalous and careless on purpose? 👎🏻

  11. Hey can you pleaseeeee make kulfi? If you don’t know what kulfi is it’s more like an Indian-style ice cream, and it mostly contains milk inline the western ice cream.

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