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‘I Deserve The Lifestyle That I Have,’ Says Teen Who Spends Thousands On Designer Merchandise

‘I Deserve The Lifestyle That I Have,’ Says Teen Who Spends Thousands On Designer Merchandise

You say that you don’t think you’re spoiled. Why not? I’m not spoiled at all. I just feel like I deserve the lifestyle that I have and my allowance should be raised more. I don’t see that as being spoiled. Okay, and so why do you believe that you deserve this, you’re entitled to it? I deserve this because my parents are stressful, especially my mom. (audience laughing) They’re stressful?
Yes, they stress me out. (audience laughing) They stress you out.
Yes. (audience laughing) How do they do that? I get wrinkles in my face. (audience laughing) Because of the stress?
Yes. (audience laughing) Well, I’m sorry for your loss. Okay.
(audience laughing) How do they stress you, what is it that they do that causes you to be stressed? Tryin’ to stop me from shoppin’. Shoppin’ is my therapy. It’s retail therapy?
Yes, retail therapy. And by them tryin’ to stop me, it’s stressful. That’s all I know, shop, shop, shop. Yeah, shop, shop, shop. Yeah.
Okay. (audience laughing) You said something earlier that I’m just, I guess I’m outta the flow. But you said you don’t want your drip to be corny. Yeah. What the hell does that mean? These shoes is $1,000. (audience laughing) What the hell does it, what is your drip? This is drip right here, $1,000 Louis Vuittons. What? What is drip? This is drip. Drip, stuff that costs money. Oh, it’s like your style?
Yeah. It’s the way you roll?
Yup. Okay, I’m catching up here. (audience laughing) Okay, so those were $1,000?
Yup. I call these Coco.
Why? They all white. (audience laughing) Cocoa’s not white. Yes, it is.
What? Yes it is.
Okay, gotcha. Okay, so what’s the most expensive purchase that you’ve made on a designer item? My Givenchy bag. And what’d that cost? $1,000.
$1,000? And some change.
You’ve got a Rolex. No, it was gifted to me. Oh, okay. So that wasn’t with my money. Okay, all right. So, you’ve got a Rolex, you carry these designer bags and designer shoes.
Yup. And all. How much money do you make? I know your mother makes money, but how much money do you make? Um, I don’t make no money. You don’t make no money?
Nope. How does that, how does that work out? I’d like to get on that program. (audience laughing) I just like designer stuff. If it’s not designer, I’m not gonna wear it. Yeah, I like hair, but I don’t have any. (audience laughing)
(mumbles) (audience applauding) I get that you like it, but what entitles you to have it if you haven’t earned it? I do earn it, cleaning my room. (audience laughing) That’s a job for me. Shoppin’, that’s a job for me. Yeah, and I guess that is a bit of a chore, because let me get this right. Is it true that your mother moved you into the master bedroom so you could have a walk-in closet and she’s living down the hall in one of the other bedrooms? Yeah, the littlest room in the house. She’s living in the smallest room in the house? Yeah. And you’re in the master suite? Yup, with the walk-in closet. Why? Um, ’cause I want it. So what I want, I take. What you want, you take?
Yup. Okay, well next, Ronald says he lives for the likes his lavish lifestyle receives on social media. But will his mother continue providing the cash for his flash? Well, I’m gonna ask her some questions when we come back. (dramatic music)
(audience applauding) Ronald thinks that I’m made of a money tree that I could just shake in the yard and it comes in my hand and oh, I just hand it to him. I’m getting–
Well. (laughing) A Range Rover once I get my permit. I’m gonna have a Range Rover.
I don’t have Range Rover money. Ronald needs a real big reality check. (dramatic music)

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  1. $1000 is = P50000 in my country, that is enough to pay for my whole 4year College. and i still have change. and here u are complaining that u need a raise? Bruh u african american!!!! african american must know how to hussle!!!! not milk your mommy like this! Bruh please

  2. Hahaha wow. When life and reality slap him the face he’ll change. Just wait and see.
    I hope his mom stopped giving him an allowance, that’ll force him to go get a job.

  3. Honestly don’t care for queers like this, they get one designer item and instantly it’s a lifestyle girl ya MOMA said she can not afford its scripted bs

  4. This kid has no idea what stress is, I started getting grey hairs at the age of five. Abuse sucks but some people have to deal with it.

  5. I’d rob lil bro I can’t stand niggas like him I’m sick he black and his momma lettin him get off like dis smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ a damn shame

  6. The mom is the one that should be up there. She created that monster by never saying no, now she wants Phil to do it for her.

  7. Lol talking about drip 😂 that’s like rolling into high school with you dads car telling all your friends you’re a baller 😂

  8. This man genuinely acts like an actor. Like fr. He looks like he is being forced to say this and hes trying to hold in his embarrassment/laughter.

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