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I Bought $1000 Lost Luggage at an Auction and Found This…

I Bought $1000 Lost Luggage at an Auction and Found This…

(upbeat music) – All right so I’ve wanted
to do this for so long, it’s crazy. And today we’re gonna do it. Just seen these TV programmes where people like go on holiday. They lose their suitcase. And then people auction
for these suitcases. You buy them, you don’t know what’s in it, you just got a randomly buy in something you don’t know what you’re getting, and then you open them up, and you see what you’ve got opening it. You’re gonna be making some money, like you’re gonna find a laptop in there or something you can put it on eBay. So what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna do that today. We’re gonna do that. We’re gonna go to an auction place, buy a load of suitcases, open them up here on camera, this thing is awesome. I’ve always wanted to do it. So let’s go, take you with me. Ah this is gonna be awesome. So there is a company that
does it in the UK I think, but it’s so boring. You don’t buy the actual luggage, you buy stuff that’s been
found in the luggage. They go through it, find the expensive stuff, and they sell it. That’s boring. Where’s the mystery? Where’s the not knowing
what you’re buying? Where’s the fun? Where’ the fun there? So I’m gonna have to drive to Germany someone in Germany does it
where you can actually buy the suitcases. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna drive all the way to Germany. To this auction. And get these suitcases. That’s the plan. This is gonna be awesome. So before we go, what we’re gonna be doing, is we’re gonna go pack
supplies for this journey. Because this is gonna be a long journey. I need my food, I need my goods, we gotta survive this situation before we even get to the fun part. So we’re gonna go buy
supplies, food, drink, some games? We can have fun. Me and Moon. Moon’s coming with me, my girlfriend. We’re gonna be in the car for ages having fun and doing fun stuff and then this is gonna
be an awesome video. Cut that out. That was weird. You know I do stupid
crazy fun stuff like this every three or four days, so smash that subscribe button down below if you haven’t already. And if you’re already subscribed, press that little bell icon right next to the subscribe button and you’ll be notified every time I upload it’s as easy as … And also go follow me
on Instagram like … I got like cool pictures, I follow back, I got teased into new videos and stuff. Link in the description below. Username @killemftw baby, go follow me right now. I’m following back. Anyway let’s go buy supplies and then off to Germany we go. To the auction house, where we’re gonna buy random suitcases filled with stuff we don’t know. Probably old dirty clothes and things. I would get something good. Okay we’re going let’s go to Germany. I mean let’s go supply hunting, and then to Germany. You know what I’m saying. Let’s go. So we’re in the shop
supply that could mean it could be a long journey. So obviously we need a lot of chocolate. We need a lot of crisps. We need a lot of junk
food to keep us going. We might get some sandwiches too. And some drink, we might
need a little bit of drink. But mainly the chocolate. That’s the main thing. I forgot to turn the
microphone on for our last bit. Oh Doritos. Doritos. This a multipack baby. Pringles, Pringles, it’s
gonna be a long journey. (Moon laughing) Party rings. Jaffa Cakes. Oh Moon, Moon, look at this. Oh it’s chocolate chocolates. No there’s loads! You left the camera on! Moon’s told me that we
got plenty of food now. But oh there’s a cake. Oh I love cake. So anyway, Moon said
we got enough food now. It’s getting dark outside. It’s gonna be a long way. Then we’ll go to Germany. (rap music) For the thing to look cool. Stop it. Stop that, okay. So we’ve actually been here awhile. We’ve been in bed. And napped. But anyway, it’s getting dark, so. We’re here, we’re in the hotel room, we’re in Germany. This auction thing’s like
a 30 minute drive away. We’re real close. We drove all through the night, all through most of the day. It’s just starting to get dark again. So anyway, the main point is we’re here, We’re ready to go. We’re gonna have a nice big long sleep from now all the way through. We’re gonna be auction
house like first thing tomorrow morning. Obviously if you don’t
know what this thing is, it’s like an auction. So what they do is a guy
from shouting out numbers so you’re like 720, a pound? He’s gonna be talking German isn’t he? He’s gonna be shouting German numbers. And I’m gonna … oh God. Oh no. The guy’s starting to shout numbers, so we’re starting like 20 pounds. And I’ll have a suitcase here. You put the little bottle
with your number on, and that means you put
a bid in for 20 pounds. And then they’ll say like 22 pounds. So when now we put a vote up, and then it will just keep going and keep going and keep going until no one bids anymore and then the person
who was the last to bid will get it. That’s how it’s gonna work. Let’s talk game plan, Moon. So how many people is
there expected to be? Well how many suitcases for sale? So there’s not even enough
for one for everyone. So the competitions gonna be tough. So we have to sit close to the front, so the guy can see us really well, so we don’t miss a bid. Other people are gonna
be bidding and stuff at the beginning. So by the time we get
to the later auctions, either people have
already run out of money and gone home, people will be fed up and bored and gone, there will be less people there. Be easier to get some at the end. That’s my plan. My other plan is keep putting
bids in at the beginning to get the money up, get people spending the money
at the beginning as well so you can put cheeky bids
in, raise your net prices … We want as many as we can get. But knowing us, we’re
not gonna do any of that. We’re gonna get too excited and just spend all our money at the beginning and come out with that one thing. It’s like mystery box. It’s gonna be so cool. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m gonna go have a shower, go get some sleep so we’re
fully ready for tomorrow. Here we … Go. Here we go. We’re here. I can’t read anything, it’s all in German. So many things to choose. So there’s everything all lined up there. So you write down the numbers
of the ones that you like, you fancied it, and then you wait until
they’re in the auction. Getting ready. Getting me skills. Yeah, I’m ready, let’s go. – [Announcer] (speaking in German) (German music) – It’s the first thing. It’s the first thing. I put one in. I don’t want it. That’s a bargain for 12 pounds. I thought he said twelve. (giggling) – We went crazy. I think we spend like a grand. A thousand pounds. Four suitcases, three
backpacks, a mystery box, and a tiny tiny bag. – [Moon] You wanted that one. – And I had to get an African drum. – [Moon] It just went for 12 euros. You went for it. (laughing) – All right so obviously we’ve
got loads of stuff in here to open. This is gonna be so fun. Just being in the auction place. Bidding on stuff. That was just so much fun in itself. But now we’re gonna
have a Christmas party. It feels like Christmas. We don’t even have any
clue what we’ve got. – [Moon] You’re excited aren’t you? – This is gonna be so awesome. So these bags were like
130 each something? After fees and everything? 150? These were like … – [Moon] That was really expensive. That one was. – These are like 100 each or something. These backpacks, this one as well. And then we’ve got a mystery box. So, what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna have some fun. And we’re not just gonna open them up and look what’s inside. We’re gonna try and like guess what kind of person owned this. – [Moon] I know one person’s name. – Oh. – [Moon] I know three items. – Omar. – [Moon] So I know most
of it belonged to Omar. – Sorry you lost this Omar. We’ve got this now. Moon bought three things, I bought the other stuff. So Moon’s gonna open hers first. Here we go, let’s do this. This is so good! These are Moon’s three. She’s gonna open these first. We’re gonna do big to small. And then these are mine, I’ll open this and this first. And then big, smaller, smaller, smallest. Okay go. – [Moon] Oh no. – [Killem] This is Omar. – [Moon] This is actually
quite a cool coat. – [Killem] That’s a nice coat there. You gonna wear it? Oh that’s a nice hoodie. – [Moon] He got quite
a nice style actually. American? – [Killem] Minnesota?
Is that where he’s from? Or does he just like them? These look like swim shorts. – [Moon] I don’t know where … – [Killem] Are they worn? Smell them. – [Moon] No! – [Killem] More clothes, more clothes. – [Moon] Oh! – [Killem] Oh we’ve got a bag! – [Moon] New ones! Yeah they still got the tag on. – [Killem] Flip flops! – [Moon] They’ve got the tag on! A watch. No it’s just a watch. Oh God we’re getting to the … – [Killem] Some basketball clothes. – [Moon] It’s a kid’s watch. – [Killem] Okay what’s in the Adidas bag? What is it? – [Moon] Sealed gum. Fresh toothbrush. New one. – [Killem] Oh brand new. – [Moon] Oh God. Shower gel? It’s brand new. – [Killem] So Omar’s
things were mainly clothes. Like a watch and stuff. Children. Must have been a child
and a man. That’s cool. Anyways let’s moving on
to the next suitcase. – [Moon] Ready? – [Killem] Go! – [Moon] Oh some jewellery. – [Killem] Oh a lady, definitely a lady. – [Moon] Oh good for me. Tiny. Look at that. – [Killem] Nice bracelet though. What’s that one? – [Moon] Oh earrings as well. – [Killem] So we got a t-shirt. It’s really crinkly. – [Moon] It smells like perfume. It don’t stink. – [Killem] So it’s been worn. – [Moon] I call her Rita. – [Killem] It just looks
like women’s clothes in here. – [Moon] She went on holiday, obviously. It’s short. – [Killem] Whoa. – [Moon] Oh Rita gets … glamorous girl. – [Killem] Oh no. Oh what’s this? You’re supposed to sleep in that I think. – [Moon] She got quite like,
going out nice clothes. Yeah it looks like summer park. It’s actually oh! – [Killem] Oh perfume! – [Moon] Ellusay ode de perfum? – [Killem] It’s quite full. We can get that on eBay I bet. I bet you can make some money bacK. – [Moon] I don’t think
it’s not a brand one. Oh! – [Killem] Straightener! Oh yeah, what brand are it? – [Moon] Nothing I’ve heard of. But it’s a straightener and I’ve got long hair so. – [Killem] You can use them. Some shoes. There’s not a lot in here. A bit of makeup. Okay next. – [Moon] Yeah that’s Rita. – So I think she could be in her 20’s and she’s gone on like a girl’s holiday out drinking and stuff. And she looks like she
dressed up every night. You never know. Okay, what we got next? Now it’s Moon’s last one. – [Moon] I got it for the backpack cause it’s actually … Oh, no. Okay. – [Killem] Hairbrush. – [Moon] Oh a new bracelet. – [Killem] Oh that’s nice. – [Moon] New sunglasses. – [Killem] New pair of sunglasses. – [Moon] New makeup. Oh bubbles. New sunglasses as well. Still with a sticker on. – [Killem] New bracelets. – [Moon] I bet she wanted
to bring it to someone. – [Killem] Nail varnish things. – [Moon] Nail polishes – [Killem] A bag! – [Moon] A new one! – [Killem] A new handbag! Handbag in a bag! – [Moon] I think I got a
proper jackpot with that one. It was $13.97. – [Killem] Dollars so it’s in America. – [Moon] Another new one! – [Killem] Oh what? – [Moon] That was $16. That’s already almost … – [Killem] That’s more
than you money back nearly. Oh baby stuff. What? It’s all new. – [Killem] Brand new baby clothes. – [Moon] look at the monkey! – [Killem] Monkey on bum. – [Moon] Oh another one. – [Killem] Baby clothes. Brand new jeans. Brand new shoes. – [Moon] It’s brand new shoes. Look for girls. Really nice. – [Killem] What? Brand new sandals. – [Moon] There was nothing used in it. – I think it’s a younger girl. She bought loads of brand
new stuff on holiday and then lost it. – [Moon] She probably
brought all her friends all them bracelets. – [Killem] She bought her
friends new bracelets. Brand new clothes. What. – [Moon] I think that’s the best one. – You made loads of money on that one. I hope I got some good stuff like this. Let’s go on to my stuff now. Here we go. I just can’t wait to see what’s in this. I was just about to leave the auction I said all right that’s enough and then the guy said
smallest one we’ve ever had I thought I’ve gotta have it. Oh, headphones. Whoa. – [Moon] What brand? – I dunno, probably cheap ones. Are they wireless? – [Moon] Oh it got adapters and stuff. – It’s got adapters and stuff. Oh no they’re real cheap ones. You can tell. They don’t sit on your ears properly. All right I’m gonna open this, I’m gonna cut it open. It’s got the name of the airport on it. That it came from. I don’t know what’s gonna be in this. – [Moon] Watch out with … – Just open it. – [Moon] I hope it’s like a
Russian book or something. – It feels really heavy. – [Moon] You look in first? – No. We got, ready. Three two … Whoa. – [Moon] Whoa wait! – Whoa. What? What’s this? It’s a Kindle! – [Moon] No it’s Sony. – It’s a reader. – [Moon] Oh look you hate coffee, it says I love coffee on it. What the? No! – What is this? How’d you open it? Is it a power bank? It’s a power bank. – [Moon] Oh my God I
thought it was a phone. – It’s got full charge. We’ve got an e-reader. – [Moon] Beats. That’s the Beat sign. – Wait wait wait. – [Moon] Oh my God! – Oh yeah. We got some proper Beats earphones. – [Moon] Are those real ones? – Yeah. This is like a kid’s t-shirt. – [Moon] What does it say on it? – I don’t know. What’s this one? – [Moon] I can’t film. – Another pair of Sony headphones. – [Moon] Sony headphones? – Sony headphones here. That was a good one. That was a good first one. That. Some pens. What’s this? Taj Mahal. That was good. First one in. And a mug. Okay and a mug. Okay let’s do some more now. – [Moon] People are
not gonna believe that. – we didn’t see this when we opened it. – [Moon] I swear to God.
I swear to my family this is not … – A Nikon cool pics. And it got already photos on it. – [Moon] No I think
they have to delete it, don’t they? – Oh, whoa whoa whoa. It’s in German though. It’s got no photos. No already photos. – [Moon] No one’s gonna
save it on place that. I swear to God it’s not placed. – We got a camera as well. Oh that’s awesome. That was an awesome one. Okay, seriously, the next one now. – [Moon] No it can’t get better. The rest are gonna be rubbish. – Here we go. Okay. Are you ready? Three, two, one. Oh! No it’s just a towel. Well. Oh I can feel something. Wait wait wait. Oh, what’s that? – [Moon] Oh, little soap. – Soaps. Towels. Just mirror. Look there’s Moon. No don’t. What’s that? – [Moon] Cargo shorts? – Men’s. Men’s I think. And there’s many pockets. Money or something. Towel. – [Moon] They had loads of towels. That’s for camping, isn’t it? Tea towels yeah. – Got men’s shorts again. Got loads of men’s shorts. Some the-shirts and stuff. – [Moon] No! A disc man! (laughing) – How long’s this been lost? – [Moon] I don’t know if they exist. Is there a CD in it? – No, no CD. – [Moon] I did not know
they exist anymore. – This has even been lost forever or we had some guy who
are lost in the 90’s. – [Moon] Just keep it at a
museum will take it maybe. – T-shirt … how long are they going for? – [Moon] Tom Taylor, Tom Taylor. We got one. – There’s literally 20-something t-shirts and shorts. How long are we going for? – [Moon] He had a big problem
when he lost that suitcase. – I think his whole wardrobe. Oh, okay, a bag. We got a shaver cord. – [Moon] I don’t know. – Some kind of cream. Oh we got a shaver. – [Moon] It’s a German person. – There’s medical stuff I think. Here’s some more clothes. Jesus, jeans. Jeans. What did this guy got in Aldi
and didn’t had no clothes? That’s the biggest one done. Well I’m guessing some kind
of 30, 40 year old dude gone on holiday on his own. Next one, next one. Let’s go. Oh God, are you ready? Oh! Sports clothes. Some swim shorts. Some denim shorts. – [Moon] They look brand new. They are brand new. – They are brand new. They don’t smell. New Balance shoes. Is it my size? Oh, it’s my size. – [Moon] Really? – Yeah no joke. They’re actually my size. Brand new. New belt. More brand new socks and stuff. People don’t seem to take many underwear with them when they go on holiday. – [Moon] I don’t know. – Face shaver. Is it hair is it? Toothbrush. Toothbrush holder. Used toothpaste. A shaver. And some razors. And some nail clippers. Well that was just a bit boring. We still got two more. So onto the next one. – [Moon] Oh no. – Three, two, one. Oh! Full of clothes again. Jeans. What’s that? No joke now what’s that? What? We got screwdriver bits. Has they been on holiday or what? Maybe he’s going in for work. Going on holiday for work. What’s that? Oh he’s gotta be working. Got some sunglasses. – [Moon] Cool. – They look good? Suit me? You can have that. – [Moon] That’s good for travel. – Oh a new plug from out here. – [Moon] Why is it an
English plug in there now? – Probably cause when you go on Holiday. And yeah. He must be from England. Pair of shoes. Work shoes. Steel toe caps. It got steel toes. – [Moon] What? Another Walkman? (laughing) – [Moon] We need to give that back. Are you joking? – He must have been working and he’s got his drill things and his hat. – [Moon] You got his work money now. He worked for that money. – I feel bad. I feel bad. He’s got like proper
things around it. Yeah. On thousand on each one. And there’s five. – [Moon] Is there anything else in it? – Just a little em, pants and just clothes. – [Moon] Just sit down a minute. Before we go to the last one. – So here we go. Front pocket first. – [Moon] What? – Straight in with an iPhone. – [Moon] Are you joking? Is it working? – It does turn on. – [Moon] It works. Can’t believe it. – I’m gonna come do this every week. 24 hour protection. Is that women’s one? Sanitizer wipes. Loads of soap. More soap. – [Moon] Are you joking? – And wipes. – [Moon] Why so much soap? – Who needs that much soap? – [Moon] I mean we have soap forever now. We don’t have to buy any soap. – Those are women’s clothes. Oh oh wait. Some little girls shoes. Brand new with tag. – [Moon] That don’t
fit. Why is that in it? – Whoa. More shoes. More shoes. More shoes. And then little nose wipes things. I can’t believe it. – [Moon] I can’t believe.
That was amazing. – That was so much fun. That was awesome.

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  1. Anyone want to know why airlines do this? because lost luggage cost the airlines millions of $ every year, they HAVE to auction it off at some point otherwise it would crush the buisiness in no time. they probably get thousands and thousands of lost luggage every year and that costs a fortune just on staff/time and storage. so please stop bitchin' & moaning.

  2. I think all aviation geeks will be pissed when you said "They even show the AIRPORT it was from" while showing us Lufthansa logo

  3. Both of you are my favorite to watch.. I want to purchase your stuff but i dont have that money. When both of you laugh i cant stop laughing to. Really fun to watch. More videos please.

  4. Oh Thomas you’re actually taking a piss I saw my mums lost luggage I showed her this video and she’s is not happy she’s quite cross

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  6. When i was watching the unpacking of the backpack with the brand new stuff, all i could think of was maybe the owner was a thief… Lol… Went to the airport with an empty backpack… Hehehe..

  7. Very entertaining, but sorry for those who lost their bags. Make sure you add a few contact cards inside the bag and never check in valuables.

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