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Hi guys welcome back to my channel I have just applied the twisted peppermint By Bath and Body Works, so this is a yummy hand lotion. I am in the spirit of Christmas guys I have not yet started listening to Christmas music, but the second I see a snowflake it’s on I have a Gigantic pile of Christmas home decor guys. I went over what I did. I totally went overboard I did go to Hobby Lobby and home goods, and I do have to say when I was at my Hobby Lobby just yesterday So yesterday was Wednesday? every single thing Christmas related was 50% off half off. I could not believe it. I grabbed it so much stuff I am so excited to share it with you. I’m so excited for Christmas Let’s go ahead not frightened so for Christmas this year I wanted to go with a little bit more classic black and white and cream with a little bit of gold and silver almost like Lodge like a rustic. I don’t really know how to describe it But you’ll see the theme as we continue on but I grabbed this at Hobby Lobby. It was $12 It was so so affordable. This gold is so pretty with this white and I just thought it was Beautiful it is real wood of course, and it looks stunning. I couldn’t believe it $12 also from Hobby Lobby for just $4 I grabbed this we wish you a Merry Christmas Also, got a little bit more like white creamy white distressed looking wood I just think these are so classic and so pretty I have a cute shelf above my piano where I’m probably gonna be putting this. Oh my goodness How cute is this tree this one was I think I ended up paying like? $8 for it by the time the sale kicked in I just thought it was cute I loved it guys will have to let me know in the comments should I decorate this? I don’t know some little teeny tiny lights and little ornaments I think it’d be really cute, but I also just like it. How it is I think I’m gonna end up putting this in my kitchen, but I’m gonna do a Christmas Decorate with me video coming up here really really soon So I’m so excited to put all of this in my home find a place for it So you’ll end up seeing where I put this on probably in my kitchen though again from Hobby Lobby I grabbed this table runner just a Traditional Buffalo plaid red and black it’s black on the back And I loved this because it was really really long, and I do have a longer table Especially when I have the leaf in it so I wanted to have the option of having that leaf pulled out and still use this And I thought it was really really classic Classic Christmas in fact this little tree might look adorable on my dining room table. Oh That’s cute. I don’t know. I don’t know. I just don’t know I love this little wood picture I never know what to call these are they signed other pictures cuz it says something yet So I kind of want to call it a sign. It just doesn’t Merry Christmas, and it’s a reindeer. Oh so pretty I love the gold I love him Prancer that’s who I think is on this. Thank you so Cute so simple this one I paid Seven dollars for and I think that’s a good price for the size again real wood nice quality all of these things I’m super excited about the quality I feel like Hobby Lobby home goods t.j.maxx places like that Their quality is really good like you don’t have to worry about that and their prices especially if you can find a sale are Amazing last from Hobby Lobby. I grabbed this pillow. I’m gonna be honest. I did not love at the pillow selection They have there I thought they looked a little bit like they weren’t stuffed enough So I didn’t like that they were too flat this one did look a little puffier than the others so I grabbed it the pillow I paid $13 for I love the Reese. I love the classic black and white and the little silver detail I thought it was so pretty and it’s gonna look great on my couch my great couch alright guys I ran into home. Good last night by myself. I was there for an hour I looked at every single thing they had it was the best night of my life I loved it such a fun store to go into with your kids that got cute stuff for kids But on your own you guys it is literally heaven I got this pillow isn’t it amazing red and gold sequins 25 bucks a little steep? I felt like just a little pain to getting this But it’s so pretty and I feel like all of these sequin details made it more expensive So I could justify it that way, and I just love it. I think it’s beautiful I think it’s gonna go with everything. I think you cannot go wrong with these classic items I think I will get a couple pillows for the bed and maybe a throw blanket and a few Decorations to make it super cozy in here I think that would be so fun this Blanket is the softest blanket. I have ever felt. That is not a joke I’m serious This is so gorgeous this was $30, and you have a plaid on one side And it just feels a little bit like flannel and then on the back you have the Softest I wish you guys could feel this if you could combine like Puffy snow and whipped cream and a marshmallow and put it all together That’s what this is it is divine very festive. It’s got a good weight to it so um This is like one of the things I’m the most excited about they had a ton of blankets. How cute are these LED orb lights they’re just stream lights. They are eight 2.5 feet and it comes with ten lights They are like it almost looks like a spun Silver. They’re gorgeous, I cannot wait to put these somewhere I don’t know where I’m just excited. I think they’re gorgeous So classic these were Ten dollars this one was a tiny bit more of a splurge for me this was $25 it is too perfect though. I loved it I love the green the berries the pinecones the little wooden stars I just thought it was so beautiful you set three candles in here And I think red is probably what I’ll go for and then you’ve got this wooden box. That’s kind of stained brown and kind of like a grayish brown and tan Really really cool. I loved this The only thing that would make it more amazing is if it smelled like pine But otherwise it is absolute perfection just a couple more things actually this one is from Hobby Lobby dang it It’s a really pretty candle holder though, and it just looks like a birch tree Trunk, I notice that birch is a common theme right now with the holidays coming up, and I think it’s so pretty I love the light wood almost like it almost looks like chalk or something It’s just so classic and clean looking to me, so I love this I think I’ll probably put a green candle this one was really cute and half off of 12 I paid $6 I also just got some red and black plaid ribbon so that I could spruce up some of the things that I already have in my Traditional decor downstairs anyway, I figure if you tie a red ribbon around anything it will just look like Christmas So that’s my plan I have a couple things in mind for this ribbon again stay tuned for the decorate with me And I’ll show you what I ended up doing with it finally I could not leave home goods last night without some hand towels These have some beautiful snowflakes on them It’s just white and gray is so pretty and soft very very wintery These are nice and thick you get two I paid $7 for these and these do not go at the rest of my decor but they are so cute I really wanted to grab them they just say Merry Christmas another set of 2 hand towels White and this one’s gray and pink how pretty I love the wreath I thought they were so adorable all right you guys and that is everything. I grabbed it from Hobby Lobby and home goods I did go a little crazy, but I have no regrets I feel a so excited So excited for the holiday so excited to decorate to give to think of gifts I just love this time of year it is delicious. It is festive. It is fun I love it make sure you stick around if you’d like to see more holiday videos more content I have so much plan for you guys have a beautiful and bright day everyone, and I’ll see you very soon fight

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  1. Ooohhhh yes!! Tree with some little ornaments (or even without) will look amazing on your dining room table on top of the table runner!!

  2. I would spritz it with fake snow, and picks of red berries. Or leave it as is. I think if you decorate it with ornaments and lights it might look tacky.

  3. Hey Candice, I have been watching your videos for awhile and love your enthusiasm.. I would love to see a video of how you pack up your seasonal decorations and where to store them. Looking forward in seeing more of your videos take care…

  4. Your description of the blanket was awesome!!! Loved this haul!! Yes, decorate the little tree, that would be super cute! Home goods without kids = Mommy heaven, lol! Love your videos!!

  5. I got that same black and cream "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" sign last week – such a steal! As soon as I saw that everything was 50% off, things escalated quickly!

  6. This time of year, it's fun to go to the stores and see everything lit up and sparkly and festive. Christmas/Christmas decorating isn't fun and exciting at my house, though. It feels like a hassle. Hoping that when I have my own place, I can make it an event and be as excited as you are! In the meantime, I'm looking forward to your decorating video. 🙂

  7. Hey girl, I totally have been playing Christmas music already! I loved everything you got, the little tree I like plain, it’s so pretty! You should do Vlogmas!!!

  8. I hate to say this but I had decided I wasn’t going to decorate for Christmas this year😱. We just moved , we don’t know anyone, and we are pretty far from family now so no no one will be coming over this year, and it’s so much work since it’s just the two of us. So I thought, “What’s the point?” But I have to say, you’re starting to change my mind. While watching this I was looking around my living room trying to resist the urge to go to the garage and yank out the Christmas boxes. Keep this up and you’ll have me convinced😉!

  9. This was the most enthusiastic, fun and awesome Christmas video I’ve seen yet!! I loved every minute of it. I can’t wait for the decor video:)

  10. We got some snow fall in Salt Lake at the U this week!! It was barely enough to count, but I definitely did my homework to Christmas music that day. ❄️😂

  11. Love your haul, You Rocked it Girl! Can’t wait to see where you put everything! I went to home goods last month and OMG 😮 They had the nicest Christmas decor. Good thing that the store is a hour away from me because I do believe that I could go there everyday! Lol 😂 Hope you have a blessed weekend!

  12. You look super cute in that hat I love shopping for decorations for Christmas it's my favorite time of year I did my kitchen with deer decorations last year and it looks so cute I might do it again this year love your videos can't wait to see how you decorate your home

  13. You are just pure joy. I wish I could just bottle up your enthusiasm! I love watching your videos no matter what they are.

  14. I totally had the tv Christmas music station on this weekend, and my seven-year-old was all, "Is it Christmas today? Why are they singing 'Christmas'?" Dang kid caught me! Cute haul!! Loved that b&w pillow!

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