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How to Utilize Fabric for Wall Hangings : Measure the Frame for a Wall Hanging

How to Utilize Fabric for Wall Hangings : Measure the Frame for a Wall Hanging

DAVID A. CLEMEN: Okay. Before we move any
further, we have to measure the frame to know how much fabric we need to cover the frame.
So, these stretcher frames that you can get at the store, they already have a 19 on there.
So, it’s 19 inches this way. And then, on the other one, it is 30 inches and it’s indicated
there. But what I mean by measuring the frame is I don’t want to cut my–I don’t want to
make my fabric piece 30 x 19 because then I won’t have anything to stretch it around
the sides and then to the back. So, these frames are actually about 5/8 of an inch,
and then I’m not going to staple–and when I stretch it, I’m not going to staple to this
side. I want the fabric to actually go around to the back. So, I have to factor that in
on top of the 19 inches, the width. So, I’ve got 19 inches plus 5/8 plus I like to stretch
it a good ways back anywhere from 3/4 of an inch to an inch and a half. And so, I have
to do that on both sides this way and I have to do that both sides on this way. So, I’ve
got 5/8 plus another inch I can say so I’ve got 19 plus another 5/8 and an inch. So, on
the safe side, I want my fabric to be about 22 inches wide and then the same formula for
the length, I’m going to go–I’m just going to go on the safe side 33. So, I’m going to
go–that’s pretty easy–22 x 33. In that way, when I get to stretch the fabric around, I’ll
have plenty, and if I have too much, that’s fine because I can trim it off. But I just
want to make sure it’s better to have a little bit more and trim it off than to be sure ’cause
then you got to do it all over again. So, just give yourself some leeway and give yourself
at least another half inch or an inch to play with and then you’ll be fine.

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