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How to Utilize Fabric for Wall Hangings : How to Paint Fabric Wall Hangings

How to Utilize Fabric for Wall Hangings : How to Paint Fabric Wall Hangings

DAVID A. CLEMEN: Okay, now that we’ve got
the stretch, we’ve sewn everything together, topstitched it, I like to use this puffy paint,
which I believe I mentioned in supplies, but if I didn’t you can get it in any craft stores.
You can get it in small bottles or you can get it in really big bottles for just a little
bit more of the price. So, with the puffy paint, you can do pretty much anything you
want. With this, I’m just getting like of a flash of like flowers and almost like vines
or something over here. And so, I’m just going to take, and I’m not going to fill up the
entire canvas if you will. I’m just going to do almost like a paisley design, and you
can do it thick. You can go thin with it. Now, with the puffy paint, it takes a while
to dry, so the thicker you put it on, just be prepared to have it sit somewhere for a
few hours, and the best thing is actually to let it sit overnight. So, I’m just going
to draw a few flowers in the corners, real simple, and then I’ll probably do another
one here. And sometimes, this stuff will build up on the end of your, the nub or spout of
the puffy paint, so you can just wipe it off if it’s not coming out how you like. And then,
the cool thing about puffy paint is it’s glossy and it adds some three dimension to this piece
that you’re working on and it stays like that; you know, sometimes you use paint and you
see it and then it flattens out. This will actually stay, how you see it right after.
And then, I’m just going to come in here, draw some really simple leaves, and you have
to shake this up and get to the end of the tube but sometimes it will splatter. This
one actually got more in it. And that is adding puffy paint to fabric piece, and once you
let it dry overnight then you can put it on the wall or do whatever you want with it.

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  1. sorry to say, i can't see a thing on your video. the only thing that comes through clearly is words. i would have liked to have seen what you actually created. Maybe you could upload it again without the overlaid text?

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