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How to Use a Pressure Washer : Cleaning Patio Stones With a Pressure Washer

How to Use a Pressure Washer : Cleaning Patio Stones With a Pressure Washer

In this clip we’re going to be doing some
pressure washing of how to clean the blocks. You always have to identify the area. Over
here, OH! There?s a snake, oh it’s not a real one, medaling kids. I also notice over that
we have some electrical areas here. So before I pressure wash this area, I’m going to make
sure I either put some plastic over those from water dripping down here. So let’s pressure
wash one of these blocks to get this all ready. You can see with this that you need to get
it a lot closer to the actual surface, to actually break in to getting some of the grime
off of there. With a small steady motion, I’m more or less just brushing and peeling
the way away. If you put it on a little bit of an edge, you can get down into that little
cracks and clear it right out. Here we go we’re brushing, now that we have a little
bit the mud, mildew, lined up, you should be able to go one long motion all the way
the length of the block. Let’s do that again, one long streaming motion; keeping that cone
about the same shape, same size to help with that work. In fears that this might have a
little some type of paint was put on here, I may need to use a little different chemical
to release this. You see the general idea of using a brushing motion, and knowing where
the water is going to go. It’s also a good idea to move the grains of a rigid surface.
In this case, these little pavers have a little groove, so you want to go with the groove.
That’s probably how the dirt got in there to start with. The little bits of dirt probably
just wound up getting in there

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