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How to test a printer Heater Fuser Lamp

How to test a printer Heater Fuser Lamp

the heater lamp is an incandescent
halogen lamp actually running at 200 centigrades and heating the roller by radiations the heater lamp is suspended in the center of the upper fuser roller the upper fuser roller is an aluminum hollow tube is one of the most common part to wear out and one most likely to fail without giving any explicit message an indication that the lamp has failed is
when the fusers doesn’t get hot you can use a multimeter to test its integrity set the multimeter at the 100k ohm scale do not touch the lamp with bare fingers the oil of your skin may damage the lamp you must meter the lamp when it’s out
of the fuser’ unit bcause you have to make sure you are only measuring the resistance of the lamp not of the thermistor the thermistor is on a separate circuit the circuit inside the bulb must be closed but you must know what the bulbs resistance is supposed to be even if the circuit is closed, the
bulb of the lamp may still be bad it should be a reading of around 10 to
100 ohms the bigger the fuser the lower the resistance

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  1. Hi
    i have a borken fuser lamp in a Canon CLBP 360/Apple Color Laserwriter but I don't know what exact model it is. Where can I find which model of fuser lamp it is ?

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