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How to Start a Fire with Household Items

How to Start a Fire with Household Items

– [Voiceover] Sometimes
getting your wood to catch fire can be a real pain. And with the cold season on it’s way, you may need to resort to
buying an expensive starter log to get your fire going to keep warm. Today, we’re going to show
you how to make your own DIY fire starters for cheap
to save you some cash. First, we’re gonna make
a wax and cotton starter. Now we didn’t have any candle wax on hand but we had a bunch of crayons
and they work just as well. Peel off the labels an
toss a bunch of crayons into a metal can that you
don’t care too much about. While you’re doing that, boil
up some water in a big pot and place the smaller tin inside once it’s filled with the crayons. Now this is the double broiler method, which will prevent the wax from burning. After a few minutes,
the wax will melt down. Now just grab some cotton balls and slowly dip them directly into the wax. Place them on a sheet of wax
paper to dry when you’re done. Once dried, they’re ready to go. Simply place them where
needed and fire up the cotton. They’re gonna burn long and strong, lighting any wood you might have on top. Now, if the wax method is
too intensive, try this. Grab a used empty paper role and go to your dryer and
empty that lint trap. Wrap the lint inside a dryer sheet and stuff it directly into the empty tube. Leave a little bit sticking out
so you can easily ignite it. Once it’s assembled, it’s
ready to be set ablaze and get your fire going nice and strong. You can even blow on it a bit
to get it really sparking. Now what if you need something in a pinch. Look no further than your pantry. Grab yourself some greasy
chips and simply lay them out under the area that
you need to catch fire. It’s really that simple. Just light the edge of the chip and they’ll burn long enough
to get something kicking. If they burn out too quickly,
just add more to the pile. Also, don’t forget to
save some for snacking once you get that fire going. Let’s utilize our kitchen again and grab a couple oranges and a knife. Simply peel the orange, leaving all the small pieces together. Make sure to get as little
juice as possible here. After you have the peels, put them out to dry for a few hours. Once they’re dry, these
peels will allow you to start up a fire quick and easy. Just pile ’em up and ignite. Now, you may have to
hold the lighter in place for just a little bit to
get the citrus oils burning. But the results are pretty awesome. Now here’s the most
intense and longest burning one, we were able to make. You need petroleum jelly,
lint and an egg carton. If you didn’t already, go
raid that left over dryer lint and hit your recycling bin
to snatch up an egg carton. Now separate the carton into sections and fill each one with a generous
scoop of petroleum jelly. Work the lint into each crevice, mixing it up well with the jelly. That’s it. Clean off your hands and you’re fire starters are good to go. As you can see, they go up quickly and burn strong and last a very long time. Now here’s a fail safe. ‘Member, if you find yourself
in a sticky situation and don’t have any of these items on hand, there’s always the old standby. Just get some kindling, some
paper or brush and light it. Yeah, not too exciting but we had to say it anyway
just to cover all our basis. If you enjoyed this video,
make sure to hit like and share it with your friends. If you have some cool methods of your own, let us know in the comments
and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. Its not a household item, but I often use the sap of a tree when I am in the woods camping. Burns very well and long enough to get a fire going.

  2. if you cant make a fire… your father failed in life. If you have no father then im sorry its basic stuff to make a fire… seriously…

  3. Also well working method:
    grab wooden block, with a sharp knife or any other tool produce thin stripes. When you get handful take it all and just light it. Works with wet wood as well if the stripes are thin enough.

  4. Due to the chemicals contained and how they react when burned, I don't know if I'd use some of these methods for cooking fires. I like my brother's method. Take a paper towel or two toilet paper tubes. Loosely stuff them with paper towels. Soak the paper towels with olive oil, and don't worry if the tubes also soak up some. Place on grill, pile charcoal around it, and light.

  5. I use a combination of several of these. all you need is wax/petroleum jelly, used dryer sheets and dryer lint. If you are using the petroleum jelly just mix the and jelly together an make small meatball sized balls the wrap the dryer sheet around it tightly leaving a tail to light. If you are using wax just melt the wax and do the same thing just remover the wax will cool quickly so make this in small batches. Once you are ready to light your fire light the tail and these burn for about five minutes add sticks first and build you fire up from there.

  6. 9-volt battery and steel wool in place of match or lighter. Rub the steel wool over the battery terminals and watch them glow and burn.

  7. Bad idea using chips. They are fatty oils that don't last long but burn bright. They will kill your fire fast and should only used if you only need a short blaze of fire

  8. the Orange peels ( and any citrus fruit for that matter) also work well to ward off mosquitoes..put them in a tinfoil pan around your deck and let them smoulder…

  9. Save all your toilet and paper rolls. Cut any size you want but fold them tight into one roll. Dip into a pot of melted Crisco. I do it once a year and store in one of those nicer holiday popcorn type lidded metal buckets. We use a wood stove for heat and it makes things easier all winter.

  10. Meanwhile on Montserrat a small box of Crayola crayons is 16 is dollars. Hmmm, well at least that island taught me value n not to waste

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