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How to set up the Amazon Smart Plug to control a lamp

How to set up the Amazon Smart Plug to control a lamp

The Amazon Smart Plug is on offer at the moment.
It lets you control your electrical devices from your Echo and from your phone. In this video, I’m going to show you how to
set up this Smart plug so you can turn a lamp off and on using your Echo. This is Dave’s Tech Rescue, where I solve
your problems with computers, Internet and technology.
If you have a question you’d like to ask me, leave it in the comments below and I’ll
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my next video, where I might be answering your question. My Amazon Smart Plug has just arrived. They’re
normally £24.99 but they are currently on offer for £9.99. I’m not getting payed by Amazon to make
this video, I just think it’s a great opportunity to see how you can add a smart device to your
home. You can use this plug to turn any electrical
device on or off. I’m going to be controlling this desk lamp by speaking to my Echo, but
you could also use it to turn on a fan or a heater, to start a slow cooker, turn off
the iron, or boil the kettle or start the coffee machine. Let’s have a look at what we need. I have
my Smart Plug, and my Echo. I have my desk lamp plugged in to the normal
power supply, and I’m going to angle this upwards so you can see when it’s switched
on. And I’ve also got my iPad, with the app
that lets me control my Echo devices. I won’t say the app’s name because I don’t want
to set your Echo off. Just make sure you have this app on your phone or your tablet. So to start with, I’m going to unplug my
lamp, and I’m going to plug in my Smart Plug. Now straight away, my Echo has discovered
the plug, and the app is letting me know that I can control it by using the name First Plug. Later in this video I’ll show you how we
can change this name to something more helpful, like Lamp. But first, I want to show you what to do if
your Echo doesn’t discover the plug straight away – how can we make sure your Echo finds
the plug? Open the app, and press Devices on the bottom
of the screen. Now press the Plus button in the top right,
and press Add Device. When the app asks what kind of device you’re
setting up, press Plug. And it’s an Amazon plug. This screen tells us the app needs access
to your camera and Bluetooth, so remember to press Allow if it asks for your permission. Press Next. Now the app is asking you to find the 2D barcode
on your plug, so you’ll need to unplug it and find the barcode, which is next to this
key symbol. You’ll also find this barcode printed on
the quick start guide that came in the box with the plug. In the app, press the button marked Scan Barcode,
and point the camera at the barcode on your plug. When the barcode has been scanned, the screen
says Looking for plug. So plug it back into the wall, and wait for it to show up in the
app. If the plug doesn’t show up, you need to
find the Action button on the side of the plug. Hold the Action button for 5 seconds,
and you’ll see an LED on the front of the plug blinking red and blue. The app should then find the plug, but if
you’re still having problems, then make sure your phone or tablet has Bluetooth turned
on, and make sure the app we’re using has permission to use Bluetooth and camera. The plug will have a default name like First
Plug, but we’ll change that next. Press Done, and you’re taken back to the
Devices screen. And we now have a section for plugs, so press Plugs. You’ll see your plug here, so press its
name to select it. Then press Settings, which is the gear symbol
in the top right. At the top of this page, press Edit name.
It’s a good idea to change this to the name of what you’ll be plugging into it, so I’m
going to type Lamp. Then press Enter. If you’re going to use lots of smart plugs,
you might want to use more descriptive names. Now you can press the arrow in the top left
to go back. And we’re ready to try out this thing. So
plug your lamp into the plug, and make sure the switch on the lamp is in the On position. And you can turn the lamp on and off using
the button on the screen. But obviously what you really want to do is
control the lamp with your voice. “Alexa, turn on Lamp”. You can use whatever name you’ve given to
the plug, so you can say Turn on Heater for example. Another really useful thing you can do is
to set up a routine, where your Echo does several things at once, like play some music
and turn on your plugs. You can start a routine using your voice,
or you can schedule it like an alarm clock. Let’s set up a morning routine, where my
Echo wakes me at 7 a.m. by turning on the lamp and reading the news. In the app, find the plug under Devices, and
press Create a Routine. Then follow the prompts to set up the routine. Select When this happens, then Schedule. Set the time, and then select Weekdays. And press Done. Now select Add action, and we’ll find the
lamp under Smart Home. Select Control Device, and then select the
Lamp. We want to turn the lamp on, so leave this
selected, and press Next. We also want it the Echo to read the news,
so press Add Action. Then press News, and Flash Briefing. And if you have more than one Echo, just make
sure the right Echo is selected at the bottom. And press Save. Then if everything is set up right, this is
what happens at 7 am: “Here’s your flash briefing from BBC News”. I’d like to know how many smart plugs you
have at the home, what do you control with them, and do you have any interesting routines
set up? Let me know in the comments below, and if
you found this video helpful please give it the thumbs up. If you’d like to see more tutorials from
me in future, click on my face below, and hit the red subscribe button.
And while you’re here, why not check out one of my other videos, like this one on how
to change your WiFi password in Echo. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next

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  1. how st set smart plug to turn on and off at different times. How do you make sure the routine you think you have set up really works without waiting a full day. Thanks

  2. Thanks – that worked for my lamp.  From this video I determined TWO routines are needed to turn on – and then off – a lamp.After the "on" time was done, I went to the Smart Plug (under Plugs) and I saw that it was switched "on".  Since I'm 700 miles from my house, I'm going to assume for another few days that it is, indeed, going on and off.

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