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How to Repair Furniture Scratches : Polishing in Wood Scratch Repair

How to Repair Furniture Scratches : Polishing in Wood Scratch Repair

Aright, this is it, the final thing, part
of the process, this will clean the surface area a little bit and it will also even out
the sheen, make it look a little better. You can use pretty much any product, any kind
of furniture polish spray, a little bit of 4.0 steel wool, you definitely want to make
sure is 4.0 because that’s the best there is and it’s least likely to scratch the surface.
Again, once we get it on there, we’re going to rub with the grain, all across the area,
with moderate pressure. This is just restoring the original finish,
the sheen, the color and depth, it will all come back. After you rub that, a little bit,
you want to get another fine and clean area rag and buff it again. The divot area is almost completely gone.
The reason is, because the color wasn’t broken. Anytime you can get away with breaking the
color, you are way ahead of the game. Whenever you dig down and you get into the color base,
and you have to start over, you can see there’s a lot more, in bringing that color back and
bringing the sheen and the texture and all the things surrounding it. So, if you can
catch it, in this stage, it’s much easier and much better for the dent also for the
repair. However, as you just seen, both problems can be fixed and fairly easily and it’s an
in home deal, where we can come in and fix this in the home, where we wouldn’t have to
bring a whole huge sideboard in maybe, or something more heavy, that you wouldn’t want
to move around just for one ding or bang. These products can go a long way, in fixing
things like this and that’s what they are here for really, is to go on sight and fix
things and take care of small damages. Whether it be shipping damage or living with it around
the house or animal damage, would be a dog or cat scratches, we can take care of all
those kinds of things too, if they are minor. If they are really severe, we’d have to go
to the extreme and refinish but this is a nice little repair job for small dings and
bangs that you find around the house.

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  1. Excelent. I have a Thomas ville dresser in hickory. While moving it recently it got a nickel sized gouge in the front of it right through the finish and exposing the naked wood beneath it. This gouge is right on the top front leading edge which slopes downward (rounded). So it is definitely not a flat surface the gouge is on. Could it be repaired? I can upload photos of the gouge if you need them to make a better determination. How much might it cost to repair? Would u recommend diy?

  2. Do u know how to repair it if its burn? I put a towel in the night stand so I could iron a a shirt and when i was done it left this white mark and i don't know what to do can u help me ? thanks i would really appreciated

  3. Pledge contains silicons that change colour over years. It becomes grayish black and can only be removed with stripper. I see this often on church furniture and -sculpture. We have to use a special range of (very mild) strippers specifically designed to remove this gunk without staining the underlaying wood.
    If your piece is waxed, remove dirty wax with white spirit and apply a new coat. If it was french polished you can revitalise part of the gloss with a mixture of distilled water and chalk.

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