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  1. Did they just say that you had to ask your doctor before you read a book,eat,or do a cross word puzzle?

  2. I wait 1 day. I get my mom to get medicine for whatever, then the next day I see it on a table. My parents are docters.

  3. @AppleAppsPodcast

    yes i do. its main purpose is to be a phone THATS IT!
    Its not something you just go out and buy, plus you have to pay extra every month for more memory, the thing is useless without internet and all that other crap.
    I dunno about you but i dont have money overflowing from my wallet so yes $99 dollars is VERY EXPENSIVE

  4. @asafindy I don't think there's anything good enough to smoke to make someone make a viedo like this…

  5. How to Pass the Time in a Doctor's Waiting Room

    Step 1. Wait
    Step 2. Wait some more
    Step 3. See the doctor.

    …Howcast is retarded

  6. How the hell does this have anything to do with consulting your doctor? Your just gonna sit and wait in a bloody waiting room.

  7. wtf
    1. u cant bring food into doctors office/waiting room
    2. wine?…at the doctor's!?
    3. where would u even get the wine and fruits from? in the video it poped out of no where -.-

  8. LOL, notice how they say to have wine and food? you can't drink in a doctors office!! and art? yeah… that 'NO SMOKING' sign was better than looking at the Mona Lisa, absolutely fascinating. and a dance party? honestly?!? who in their sane mind CALLS THEIR FRIENDS over for a DANCE PARTY in the DOCTOR'S WAITING ROOM?!??!?!?!?!?!

  9. Hold on… If I need medical advice from a doctor on how to wait, wouldn't I be waiting for the advice? AAAAHH mind fuck!!

  10. step 4 is dumb because so because if you ask someone why they r at the doctors what is the person says, "yeast infection?" I'll skip that one.

  11. I wait 2 hours every appointment and i have more than 5 appointments a year. Just because of my shots. Oh gosh!

  12. @divine0g0d Yeah. Make sure she isn't wearing gloves and is holding a tube of lube…unless it is intended for HER ass.

  13. you will need: a knife
    step 1: cut your arm until you are excessively bleeding
    step 2: call the nurse and be attended to immediately

  14. I went to a check up appointment for my broken leg after school one time. I had to wait 4 hours before I got to talk to my doctor. The dick hole didn't even say sorry either. Let's just say I didn't go back to him.

  15. um why couldn't i have watched this before my dr.s appointment today?… well nevermind this is kind of useless- junk food you came to the doctor to make sure your not eating junk food
    seriously howcast-_- :~(

  16. Step 4, ask fellow patients why they are visiting the doctor, yeah right, and it show the guy asking a pregnant woman.

    Only 1 step needed, bring a Laptop and play a MMORPG 8 hours pass like nothing. you'll be asking the doctors to wait for you because your just about to level up.

  17. You serious. Consult your doctor if you get bored waiting for him. And consult him if u want to talk to him.

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