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How to Paint Furniture White

How to Paint Furniture White

I’m on a quest to find the fastest most
efficient way to get a solid white piece let’s see if this formula will work I’m Jenni with Roots and Wings Furniture
and today we are going to paint this table white now if you have refinished
anything or have been painting furniture for any amount of time you will know
that painting something white and getting a solid color it’s actually the
hardest color to achieve I never knew that before I started painting but you
can slap on coat after coat after coat of paint and it will still not look like
a solid white piece so we’re gonna try any formula today and we’re gonna see
how it works first of all we are going to use two coats of white boss to give
us a good primer to seal in anything make sure this this table doesn’t bleed
in any way and then we are going to use cotton which is dixiebell whitest white
and give it that nice finish now I am under no delusion that these tables will
be perfect and smooth and gorgeous when we are done they have been through the
wringer they’re picked up off the side of the road there’s actually two so it’s
a pair of end tables they were each missing a drawer so we’ve got a patch
here and we just need to give it a nice clean coat of white we’ll distress it
heavily and kind of give it that firm house finish but I think we can make
them look a whole lot better than they are now so to get started I’m gonna
first give it a good spray down with white lightening to clean it off again I
mean they’re pretty dirty investi so let’s do that to start and then we’ll
jump in with the primer alright we are using both on this because when you’re
want to get a white pure white paint it’s hard to know what’s gonna bleed and
what’s not going to bleed and sometimes just to be safe it’s good to use it this
piece also there’s some I’m gonna say maybe smoke damage some ink on the top
that’s staining it so we definitely need something to really cover it up so I’m
going to use white since we’re gonna paint this white we
may as well use our primer as a a good base coat I’m gonna take out this drawer
and if I can set it aside just apply it like you would paint try
to stay working just section by sections you don’t miss any spots I’m gonna finish this first coat let it
dry give it a couple hours to dry and then I’m gonna actually give it a second
coat of the primer it’s for a couple of reasons and it’s kind of optional you if
you’ve got some heavy staining on it you really know what’s gonna bleed through a
second coat of primal primer will really seal that in and make sure it doesn’t
come through the white again we’re applying white primer so we’re just
continuing to cover so I am gonna do the two coats of primer in this case and
then move on to the paint it should give us a really nice finish where we’ll do
two coats of primer and possibly only one coat of paint so that will get us
done in three coats total but I’ll just let this dry if there’s any raised part
bumpiness any dust or anything between coats just give it a light sanding with
like 220 grit sandpaper just knock it down really light really light and then
do your second coat of primer let it dry and then I’ll be back with you here in
just a few minutes for some paint okay this piece our two coats of boss it’s
all dry and we’re all ready for paint it is nice and smooth and again if there
were any places you felt like there were some brush strokes or dust debris
whatever could get in here you could give it a little light sanding before
you applied the paint but I think this is good to go and I’m happy with the
coverage so far so we’re just gonna use dixiebell cotton again this is their
whitest white paint it is nice and thick which is fantastic for coverage I’m
gonna see how we do I mean that coverage it looks fantastic
I’m really happy with that okay I’m gonna finish painting this and
let it dry now I told you at the beginning these are not perfect by any
means so they are gonna get a good distressing and then I’m gonna seal it
up probably with a satin topcoat since they are side tables I do want to give
the top a little extra protection maybe a tiny bit of shine just some smoothness
to them so I’m gonna finish that up and then I will show you a picture at the
end but I gotta tell you I’m really impressed with this so we did two coats
of boss white primer one coat of cotton and it’s got a really nice solid white
finish so in only three coats we accomplished
what we wanted to do and we have prevented any stains from seeping
through we’ve got our steam blocker on here so we are good to go so thank you
so much for joining me I hope that this is helpful the next time you want to
paint something white and I’ll be back in just a minute to show you the final
photos see you later for a full supply list of everything you will need to
create this awesome finish check out the description below this video don’t
forget to check out my website roots and wings furniture comm for more painting
tips and tricks and di I also subscribe to this channel so that
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  1. What a difference! Those came out so nice. They sure don't look like they came off the side of the road now. Beautiful job! I like that primer you used. Gonna check it out for sure. Thanks for all the tips. Wanted to ask you something. I saw someone on YouTube paint vinyl peel and stick floor tiles with chalk paint, using a sponge roller. Then she stenciled each tile with white chalk paint and after it dried she rolled on water based Polycrylic by Minwax. It looked beautiful but I have never seen anyone do this on vinyl floor tiles before. I just kept thinking that it wouldn't be long before it peels off the vinyl as it's a high traffic area that needs to be cleaned and mopped a lot. Wanted to get your thoughts on it. Hugs from Florida 🌴😎💙😎🌴

  2. Would you suggest a primer if you are using gel stain on a piece that you haven’t sanded down to raw wood because it’s vaneer?

  3. These look fantastic. Love that they have been 'rescued' and made desirable. I've been looking to paint an old corner table but I didnt want to use chalk paint – I think I'll try this method. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Don’t see the ingredients or instructions. I need all the help I can get since I’ve never ever painted before!

  5. Need additional help. I sanded with 220 and the gel stain did not cover well at all I’d like to send pictures if you can help

  6. I am new to furniture flipping and trying to learn as much as possible, thank you for actually really explaining things in so much detail. other videos I have come across saying they are for beginners seem to assume you already know certain things. I appreciate you!

  7. Nice video, thank you for the tutorial….now I'm think of changing color to my table thanks to you ….by the way you are so smart and beautiful !!!

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