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How To Make Tissue Paper Crafts : How To Make A Tissue Paper Wall Hanging

Hi! My name is Courtney on behalf of Expert
Village and in this clip I’m going to show you how to make a wall hanging using tissue
paper. The first thing you want to do is take some cardboard and cut out a design that you
want you can use a pattern or freehand. I have just freehanded this fish we are going
to take our tissue paper and cut it to small squares or rectangles like this and then we
are going take these rectangles and squares and we are going to scrunch them up and roll
them up into little bitty balls and you want to make them as tight as you can. You would
want to make a whole bunch of each color that you are going to be using. Once we have our balls we are going take some
Elmer’s glue and glue these down where we want them. These dark ones are going to be
my eyes and we want to put these very close together so that the cardboard is not showing
through. Once you done the eye now we are going to take our other color and do our fin.
You are just going to continue to glue your little balls down until your whole cardboard
is completely covered. Now we have our fish completely covered and all of the little balls
that we made and now I want to frame this so I can hang it on the wall. I have taken
a couple of pieces of card stop paper for matting and I’m going to put the fish on that
color and then again on this color. Then we are going to take our frame and because this sticks up your would probably
want to get a little bit bigger frame or a shadow box frame. We are going to face this
down, put our backing on it, and now we have our wall hanging.

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