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How To Make Thai Street Food At Home • Tasty

hi my name is fresh so I’d be calm my name is candy the timepiece father so this summer is really special to us because we’re gonna be opening our first restaurant at the title ‘march place it’s called pokey please and we’re gonna be sharing two family recipes to you so the first dish is gonna be our take on a traditional Thai dish called cow cow we used a pork dish a soup made with pork belly we roll it up and see this beautiful meat parcel so you have like a slab pork you just roll it up and then you take twine and you tie off one end and then you keep moving down tied up the pork belly until you have it all the way through gonna make sure that it’s tight otherwise it will fall apart when it’s boiling so after the porks all tied up we just quickly sear it in the apartment so the broth has a bunch of different ponents with sour off with sake mirin soy sauce and then we add brown sugar star anis coriander black pepper and then after that we add crushed shallots whole garlic and then crushed ginger and we steep it overnight but if it’s like you’re out of time you can do in like four to six hours once it’s nice and cool we take out fridge we slice it and then we sear it so you use a really hot pan or a torch if you have one we prefer using the torch just because it gives it a nice beautiful char right on the outside we need popping this means is it’s fried right yeah yeah yeah next we’re gonna teach you how to make the sauce so we start off with Pokeno or Birds Eye chilies we put in an even amount of garlic fish sauce sugar and lime juice so you can do this like in a food processor or blender you just go start off with a bed of rice you’re gonna put pork tofu right on top and then right on top of the pork you’re gonna put the Thai chili lime sauce and you can top it off with sesame seeds or green onions or really anything you want after that you’re gonna add your soft-boiled egg and that’s how you make our version of a cow count our next dish is hi laughs we have adapted it and made it so that it tastes really good with raw fish sashimi first off we start off with toasting all the dry ingredients in a pan the spices we start off with or dried high Chile’s and we also use shallots lemongrass coriander and garlic once you’ve toasted all those ingredients you’re gonna want to put them into a food processor and blend them until they’re smooth you’re gonna settle on the side for a little bit take a pan and you’re gonna cook Thai shrimp paste you’re gonna add some oil and throw in and all that stuff that you got from blender or the food processor by the final stage it should be almost like a paste today we’re gonna be using salmon I personally love salmon you want to make sure that it’s this nice deep color you don’t ever want to find this if you’re gonna eat it wrong if it smells fishy so we’re cutting it lengthwise so you’re gonna be cutting it against the grain after that you’re gonna cut into cubes I personally like big cubes but you can kind of s small or as big as you want put in a few spoonfuls of that sauce you’re gonna mix it in and then you’re gonna fill in cilantro mint and we also put in something called PAL is like a bamboo leaf but it’s smaller is softer you over a bed of rice I personally copy it off with fried garlic red onions and then some more green onions and then we garnish it with some thinly sliced radishes and that’s how you make our log okay so good super good [Music]

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