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How to Make Quick Pickled Vegetables the Right Way || A Little Help: Quick Pickling

How to Make Quick Pickled Vegetables the Right Way || A Little Help: Quick Pickling

– We should have mandolin music play over, every time I use the mandolin (imitates mandolin music)
(mandolin music) (laughing) That sounds like a mandolin, right? (imitates mandolin music)
(mandolin music) Hi, welcome to “A Little Help.” OK, so, picture this: You’re at home and you’re all comfy in your jammies and you’re watching your stories,
and then all of a sudden, you get a crazy craving for pickles. And you go to the fridge to
get some, only to realize that you’re fresh out. (cannon booms)
What the heck do you do? You could never make your own,
that takes weeks of waiting and boiling water and a risk of botulism. Or does it? What if I told you that you
could make delicious pickles that are ready to eat
in less than an hour? Because it’s true. Let’s do it, right now. You can pickle pretty much anything. You could pickle tomatoes, you can pickle watermelon rind, you could pickle eggs,
you could pickle whatever. And the best part is that you
can pickle whatever you want when it’s in season and
enjoy it all year-round. So, let’s start with some basics you’ll wanna put on everything. We have Kirby cucumbers,
we have red onion, cauliflower, and carrots. Along with our vegetables, we’re gonna add some spices
and herbs into the mix. For our cucumbers, we
have garlic and dill. (record needle screeches) I’m quittin’ now ’cause
I gotta watch my fingies. – Your watching, “Watch Your Fingies.” I’m your host Lee Kalpakis. That’s really good, I’m
gonna write to management. I wanna change the name of the show again. Remember to slice your
vegetables super thin, so that way your brine will penetrate all the vegetables quickly. (smashing garlic)
(energetic music) Smash ’em up! Aha, dude, this garlic’s totally smashed. (energetic music) To our onions, we’ll add a sprig of thyme and some peppercorns. (energetic music) To our cauliflower, let’s add
some turmeric and coriander. Turmeric, baboom. Coriander, vavoom. And to our carrots, we’ll
add bay leaves and tarragon. (energetic music) (ding) Now we’re gonna make our brine. In a large pot, we’re going to boil two cups
of white distilled vinegar, four tablespoons of kosher salt, four teaspoons of sugar, and four cups of water. Next… (everyone laughing) Next, we’re gonna whisk it. Whisk everything together until the sugar and
the salt are dissolved. Once the sugar and the salt are dissolved, you can pour your brine over
the vegetables in each jar leaving about an inch of space on top. Then, seal them up,
throw them in the fridge, and allow them to chill completely. These are good to keep in your fridge for up to a couple months. So now that we have all of these incredible pickled vegetables,
what should we do with them? Well, I’m glad you asked. Put them on salads. Put them on sandwiches. Serve them as an appetizer
on a cheese board. Top grilled meats with them. Put ’em on dips. Put ’em on toast. Whatever. Pickled vegetables add a delicious punch to whatever you put them on.
(chiming bells) And now that you can make quick
pickles whenever you want, you can have pickles anytime. All you needed was a little help. (energetic music) And now, I’m gonna smash some garlic. Smash. Smash that like button, dude. (beep) Oh dude! Smash that garlic then
smash that like button. (beep)

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  1. My friends mother used to into the woods and pick wild leeks and then pickle them. They were awesome. I haven't had them in over 20 years. They make your breath stink but it was worth it.

  2. Wow way to teach poor habits to people trying to learn by showing the host not using a hand guard with that mandoline. Ask any nurse you know for a mandoline injury story and they will have one. USE A HAND GUARD OR LOSE A FINGER TIP.

  3. When I pickle cauliflower I always add sliced beats and mustard seeds ,it gives a nice pink color and some spiciness 🙂

  4. I've been looking for a simple recipe for pickled carrots and i was struggling, this was exactly the tutorial I needed, thanks!

  5. Did these pickles really turned out well? A lot of people say the brine needs to fully cover the vegetables in order for them to not get moldy

  6. ?A Greek eating pickles means a visit to the doctor! pickles and ice cream is a visit to the gynocologist!!!!!!!! add Greek olives and Feta and its ok no windex please!!!

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