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How to Make Decorative Picture Frames : How to Distress Decorative Picture Frames

How to Make Decorative Picture Frames : How to Distress Decorative Picture Frames

Hello my name is Denise Robinson on behalf
of Expert Village I’m here to show you how to create and decorate a picture frame. Now
to further distress my picture frame I’m going to use a knife and a fork not to eat but to
distress my picture frame even further. I’m just going going to take my fork and this
make like cat claws across. Then diagonal all the way across. As you can see I’m starting
to get a little form to one side of my picture frame and I’m going to duplicate the other
side just by giving like cat claws going across the sides of my picture frame. Then I’m going
to turn it and angle it all the way down to mirror the other side of the picture frame.
Now you can see my markings. Now I’m going to take my knife and on the shorter ends make
another kind of design and just use the little teeth like marks that are in the knife itself
and just simple lines and kind of angle it. See now we have a design cut out on our picture

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  1. I believe the audio is cued to the wide shot the whole time. she seems to have reshot as a close up. you can see that she is going over pre-scored markings.

  2. Great job!
    LoL, although I have to tell you something. When the video first came up, the picture was all in black but you showed up in faint white lines (just your outline, not your skin, that was the solid black too – so not like a picture negative) But your eyes were really white and some features of your face, including your teeth. It was really creepy…
    LoL, I was wondering what I clicked at first, but it fixed itself in about 1 sec. 😀
    Good laugh.

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