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How TO make an Arrow using Pallet Wood

How TO make an Arrow using Pallet Wood

I found these awesome arrows online the other day I have a guest bedroom that has this huge bare wall it needs something added to it these arrows are going to be perfect taking something from trash to treasure
is really awesome I’m not going to go into too much detail
about how to build arrow because there’s really no right or wrong answer with this just
play around with the shapes and sizes you like until it fits your space the cuts are all finished now its time for my favorite part nailing it all together so I want to give this arrow that white washed barnwood look to achieve that I’m going to use a
product from General Finishes called antique White I’m just going to lightly brush it on and then use my orbital sanders with 80 grit sandpaper to heavily distressed this the paint has fully dried now so i’m going to take my orbital sander with 80 grit sandpaper and with lite pressure I’m just going to stand
this whole arrow until it looks like barn wood here’s the finished project I hope you enjoyed this video! Please
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  1. I love how you include taking apart the pallet! I haven't tried it yet, and I have 5 sitting in my garage waiting for me! Thanks!!

  2. Why would you cut nails with a Hand saw and not pull the nails out or tap the board off?  – You are using two boards, I can see how you are holding the pointed end together as it is nailed.  How is the End held together as there is no board crossing over.

  3. I just found your channel and I love it …. Thanks for sharing all your skills… Love your premier necklace too !!! I am a premier jewelry lady too😍

  4. I love a woman who uses power tools! I am so making this as soon as i get my hands on another pallet.

  5. i just found your channel and subscribed. Love the arrows! looking forward to seeing your other videos. Thank you so much!

  6. it's kind of amazing what you can do with pallets that people just want to throw away! so far i've made a pallet wall, pallet mirror and a pallet coffee table! your arrows turned out looking really nice! great job!

  7. only complaint is when you used a tenon saw to cut through the nails, these saws are for wood only and the teeth will be damaged now – it made me cringe. The proper tool to use is a metal cutting hack saw ( as called in the UK), also a lot of pallets are made with a higher tensile steel nail. There are differing methods to dismantling pallets so have a look about and see what is best. On a good note , it is so good to see a woman not being scared to use power tools, so keep it up but as with hand tools remember to respect them and they will last much longer.

  8. I love all your videos! You do amazing work!! Gotta admire the fact that you can dress up when working with power tools and in a shop, I don’t dare wear my good clothes or jewelry when Out in mine Geezus I’m a mess when I work! I’d probly have my neck stapled to the arrow 😬
    Kudos to you 👍

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