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How To Make Alvin’s Chicken Parmesan-Stuffed Garlic Bread • Tasty

How To Make Alvin’s Chicken Parmesan-Stuffed Garlic Bread • Tasty

hello my name is Alvin Hall and today I will be showing you my recipe for chicken parmesan hoards hello my name is Alvin and today I will be showing you my recipe for chicken parmesan stuffed garlic bread [Music] so this is definitely one of my more crazier tasty recipes I sat on this concept for like six months I’m not even kidding I really want to combine garlic bread with something else because everybody likes scar look right and garlic bread should not be only a side dish it deserves to be the main attraction I want to combine it with something that’s like an entree so I was like Oh what do you eat garlic bread with meatballs spaghetti pasta chicken parm Oh chicken parm sounds really good it’s got everything that garlic bread needs in a best friend I was like I need to find a way to make chicken parmesan mixed in with garlic bread so my idea was that instead of doing a whole chicken breast I would cut chicken breasts up into smaller strips breadth of a fried them separately so you almost have like these little chicken tenders that you can work with [Music] after that I would wrap these chicken tender with a slice of mozzarella cheese because that’s what chicken parm eats and then I would take those little like chicken and cheese single intrical thingy and put it inside a hollowed-out baguette I think that you need to make sure that you get a baguette that is not too thin because you’re going to hollow it out because you’re going to hollow out the back gap you need to make sure that you take a really thin sharp knife and cut out like the filling of the brick you don’t want to waste that you can use that for croutons you know sometimes the middle of the bread can be the best part ate way too much of it as a kid so don’t throw that away but just make sure that you hollow out a big enough hole that your fried chicken with the cheese around it can fit in and I would cut that into small pieces try to make sure that when you cut your chicken it’s uniform all the way through because if you start with a piece that’s like two Y to one end to narrow the other you might get like halfway into the bread and then it’s gonna be like nope I don’t want to go in any more animals stop once you perfectly fit the chicken to the cheese inside the baguette you want to make sure that you line it all up cut them into about an inch pieces cuz this is meant to be handheld food once you cut them up line it on the tray brush some amazing garlic butter that you make over the top which is super super easy just some garlic just some butter maybe some parsley if you want for color be liberal you know garlic bread whoever is eating it I don’t think they’re trying to be on a diet so and you don’t and you also don’t have to tell them how much you put in it so brush liberally it’ll get absorb it’ll be delicious nobody’s gonna complain everybody loves garlic breads after you brush it with butter cover it with foil or don’t depending on how crispy you want your garlic bread to bake it off and you have this wonderful wonderful finger food for your party what’s great about it is because you’ve made these cuts and because you put them back together in the oven the cheese is actually going to help it all stick together so when it comes to the table and people pull it apart and get that amazing signature tasty cheese pull that I’ve spent way too often and hit sometimes I think you serve it with a side of marinara sauce you have all the elements of chicken parmesan and garlic bread in one single bite which i think is really really because it’s a handheld version of a usual dish that requires a fork in a knife so I think this is a great idea I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be too much work but everybody was gonna be like this is stupid like why would you have to do this but eventually one day I was like you know what Alvin if you’re not gonna make this idea you’ll probably go mad so I buckled down and I cooked the recipe I edited the video and it actually turned out to be really really cool if you have a party coming up and you want to make this dish feel free to customize that however you like if you end up making it let me know post in the comments I want to see a picture because I love when people make my recipes so feel free to do it for any party I will guarantee it’s a crowd-pleaser so happy cooking [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Looks delicious . Not italian tho. We dont eat garlic bread and fried chicken here in italy.
    I dont mean to hate… just clarifying

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  3. What about not frying it but baking it with dough all around the chicken tender and then put the garlic stuff on the dough

  4. "Dont tell it to anyone"
    Me: Alvin ya just told it to more than 13 million people😂

    Ps. Love you alvin

  5. anyone know what he uses to coat the chicken strips ? is it rice flour whole eggs and what is the 3rd seasoning ?

  6. I showed my mom this video and she agreed to make it next week for dinner ! 😁😁

    Edit: SHE ACTUALLY MADE IT !! omg it was so good 😍🤤🤤

  7. You can tell which videos go up on Facebook because we can’t post pictures in the comments here on YouTube lol

  8. I just made this recipe and it is BOMB!
    Thanks for the recipe Alvin!!

    A few tips for people that are going to make this recipe:

    I used French 🥖 baguette and turned out really well

    I would cut the inside a bit more closer to the crust because I felt that I had too much bread

    I did end up having to cut up the slices even more because I made them too big

    This is definitely a kind of immediate kind of food because this was soo delicious served hot until it kind of grew cold and hard to chew

    Definitely looking forward to making this again 😋

  9. It’s legit 2 am and I’m binge watching tasty videos and I’m starvinggg but I don’t wanna wake anyone up 😑😂🥺😑😂 strugglesssss

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