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How To Make Alix’s Meatball Stuffed Garlic Bread • Tasty

How To Make Alix’s Meatball Stuffed Garlic Bread • Tasty

hey I’m Alex and this is my recipe for meatball stuffed garlic bread YUM meatballs are one of my favorite foods so I lived in Sweden for the meatballs so you gonna start with making the meatballs I did a classic ground beef no fuss meatball but if you want to get a little fancier here feel free to switch it up it’s been making these meatballs because you need to stuff this into the bread if you want to make them a little bit smaller than maybe you would usually make a meatball some people wonder like how you’re gonna get like an even cook I’m using a cast-iron pan to get a good sear which makes it a little tricky but one tip is to shake your pan and kind of fold them around so that the meatballs roll while they’re cooking and get an even sear but again this heavy pan it’s not great for rolling so I just use tongs and kind of alright so once your meatballs are cooked we’re gonna move on to the bread the second best part for this bread I’m using a baguette so I cut the entire baguette into quarters so I had four pieces of bread that’ll just make it easier for you to be able to stuff each piece evenly then you hole out the middle of the bread or even say why waste in the middle of the bread you don’t waste it you eat it you eat the middle for the bread because arguably the best part so once the bread is hollowed out you’re going to prepare the stuffing so I did two pieces of mozzarella and then two of those little meatballs right on there and then you’re gonna wrap that up in like a little cheese blanket so once your meatballs are all wrapped up you’re gonna stuff that right into the bread cavity it may be a little tricky to get in there but just stuff it on it today the transfer all those pieces of stuffed bread onto a baking sheet and now I’m gonna brush that some delicious garlic butter that’s the parsley in there a parmesan and just take this thing to the next level so brush that evenly onto the bread it’ll kind of ooze down and get in those crevices and now it’s time to make so I wrap this loaf up in the foil so that it kind of like in case everything and made sure kind of all cooked inside of the foil cut off Feeney and nice and hot and then it’s time to serve so I serve this with marinara you could serve it with that whatever you like great party food cheese meatballs garlic bread there’s nothing better do you want anything else let me know find somebody else [Music]

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  1. Tbh sounds kinda disgusting
    Edit: just finished watching and it could be good maybe but that isn’t garlic bread lmao

  2. Alix's garlic ouzeness, the better meatball, ouze'yeah – uuh that cheese in breed core technic – mouth waterfall mode enabled

  3. Wasn't this originally Alvin's recipe, with chicken breasts instead of meatballs. This is so disappointing of Alix!!

  4. Tbh, just show us in time lapse or actually make it in the video. I used to watch and follow tasty so much but i dont want to watch a whole 3 min video when it could be done in a min.

  5. I'm sorry for my ignorance….but does Alix has sinus problems? It's kinda lefts me without air listening to her sinuses venting 🤭

  6. "You eat the middle of the bread because, it is arguably the best part"

    *flashbacks to banana bread incident*

  7. I would Always watch this kind of things
    But I can't even cook an egg properly 😂😂

  8. Y'all PPL!!! Alix just posted on Instagram that she has hung her apron on Tasty and is starting a new chapter in life<3. Let's all wish her all the best

  9. How about making the carving out the bread pockets Step #1 and then using the bread that was removed to make a panade. Then make Step #2 the meatball forming stage using the yummy inner bread pieces and some grated parmesan.


  10. i have to say.. i am a little dissapointed seing that you didn't make the bread, somehow this video doesn't feel that much Tasty

  11. I've made this at least five times by now, my (older, in college) brother begs me to make this for him while he's home 😂

  12. This was lovely! We'll miss your videos on this channel Alix. Good luck for what lies for you ahead in life. ❤️

  13. Can you make a video on all the ways to use a George Foreman? I’m in a wheelchair so that’s my oven but I don’t know everything about it.

  14. I was actually busy and was about to add this to "watch later" but I saw Alix and couldn't help but watch the video right away. She's amazing ❤

  15. Im just here laughing at the people arguing whether the girl in this vid is making a sandwich or stuffed bread in the comment section.Its just so sad🤣

  16. i actually wanna do this but you guys didn’t even go through the ingredients. so basically this video was dumb and useless

  17. you could use the inside of the bread as a replacement for the breadcrumbs in the meatballs, just tear into small pieces and add

  18. WHY? Why do I watch this so early in the morning? why do I do this to myself? 🙁
    They look delicious by the way.

  19. Recipe was awesome, but i can tell she was so over it all. Looked like she just wants to get it over with. I could imagine how she feels. But who knows, i may be wrong, since most vids are prerecorded. Anyways, Alix and rie were my favs ): love u

  20. It was weried when alex was talking because wild she was talking she was looking at different directions like at the people behind the camera

  21. We can't hear nice can you please put the words on the corner just like before please if you are a TASTE fan than please like

  22. What is the list of ingredients for the meatballs? Like what did you put in with the beef at the beginning?

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