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How to make a TRON style lamp

How to make a TRON style lamp

Welcome to my instructable : how to make
a tron style lamp. You will need:
5 Plexiglas SHEETS of 2,5 mm THICK 2 of 200 BY 205MM
2 OF 200 BY 200MM AND 1 OF 205 BY 205MM.
A dictionary A TUBE OF Plexisglas glue
Pliers A Nail
AN Adhesive mirror coated paper 450 by 700mm A Printer with 5 sheets of paper
AN Adhesive tape A Utility knife
AN X-acto knife A French curves set
A Metal ruler A Cutting board
A Piece of fabric A Power cord
A Light socket components A Screwdriver
A Color changing led lightbulb A Metal base Before starting, take a piece of paper and
start writing down…What exactly… THIS ‘HooM’ and stick it on a wall.
Now, let’s make this cube………… Glue,………… Assemble.
Use a thick book in order to have a correct angle.
And wait… Question, what does a 3 Kilos chick Do??? PIU PIU!!!
I know it’s not funny in French either. But now it’s dry.
Please do the same for all sides…Telling jokes is optional
Heat a nail… and do a notch (hole) for the power cord.
And Now the cutting phase. Print the patterns
Stick one at the back of the mirror paper. Start by cutting the curved lines with the
French Curves and the X-acto knife. Cut the straight lines with the cutter.
On each piece you cut, place a piece of scotch in order to maintain them in place.
Then in the end cut the squared shape sheet. This part is not very difficult but it takes
a lot of time and is quite stressful. I think that one side per day is enough. So
… Sleep, Cut, Sleep, Cut, Sleep, Cut
Here you are… Remove the protecting sheet.
Stick the pattern inside the cube. Use a piece of fabric to remove air bubbles!
Last step: assemble the cube/ connect the wire to its different parts, screw the wire
end. Screw the last component/ then the bulb/Place
the cube on top. Plug in……………..Ready……………..Alleluia.
Ho yeah … NOW it’s time to USE THIS: wooh !

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  1. Now that is a handy thing to be able to make. There is no end to the moneys you cold be bringing in with a piece of folk art like that.

  2. Your local hardware store carries all the hardware you need; and if they don't carry it, they can special order it for you.

  3. Wow…..how did you get the guy from Sprockets (snl sketch fer all those too young to remember the 90s) to narrate your video man!!! That was great….very fitting LOL!!! Very Industrial LOL!!

  4. Cool. For the design, it might be easier to print the design on some transparency paper. You could also silkscreen it directly onto the plastic. Silkscreen starter kits are cheap and you can even get silver ink.

  5. Because shops here in serbia don't have the full list of supplyes that you have given to us I made a stencil usig those knives and molotow spray paint.

  6. I so need to make one of those. Ever since instructibles sent me the email with that one on there I've been wanting to do it. I should just do it rather than talk about doing it. But first… I'll sleep.

  7. I have an idea. If you are too lazy to cut out the patterns, you can print the patterns out on a TRANSPARENT SHEET (like those sheets used for overhead projector). Then you can save all the time by just pasting the transparent sheets on it. 😀
    Another problem of the lamp – overheating.

  8. For the PATTERNS, click the 'instructables' link in the details below the video. Look for 'Step 3' in the row of small pictures under the title 'How to Make a TRON Style Lamp: The MADYLIGHT'. Under Step 3, scroll down until you see 'PATTERNS.zip'. Download and upzip! 😀 GregMADIS0N, thanks a lot! 😀

  9. Convert this awsome Greg Madison design in vectors,then you can do laser,cnc or vinyl cutting…no sleep just cutting 🙂

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