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How to make a simple steam powered lamp! FAQ Pogo

How to make a simple steam powered lamp! FAQ Pogo

We are going to now, make our rotating lamps! For this we need a sunboard, which i have cut in the shape of a cd This makes our base ready Now for the stand. Take a thin hollow pipe I will twist the pipe like this, with a loop in a shape like this! In normal candles we get, make two holes on opp. sides And now I will push the pipe thorough the holes in the candle After pushing the pipe throught the candle stand, twist the ends of the pipe like this Now we can place this disc on top Now, we will enjoy this the most, once I light the candle and place the lamp in this bowl but for that we need dim lights! Lights off please! Wow! Lets try another one Wow! Aren’t the shadows amazing? Light on please We had put a little bit of water in the tube! Because of the heat of the candle, the water in the tube gets heated this causes steam to be generated and with the help of this steam our lamp rotates! This was a prototype of a steam engine Did you know that the first steam engine was made over 2000 years ago by Hero of Alexandria and he called it the aeolipile!

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