Hambone Blues Jam

Home Decoration Tips

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  1. Maybe they forgot this crafting recipe, as I did. Watching this video doesnt necessarily make someone a "noob" to minecraft.

  2. Omg it says how to make a redstone lamp i thought he ment like how to connect it into your house i can just look it up and see how to make one LAME

  3. Appreciate your help on this… I didn't know.
    If you come over to see me on my channel maybe you can tell me what else I haven't made yet? Thanks loads for your help in advance – Avo

  4. you have LI The L'est I (Lowest Intelligence) El Retardo! El problemo? You are the dumbest person I have ever met everyone knows how to do that except you seeing as how you find it as such breaking news that you need to make a video on it

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