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How-To Make a Lamp | Kin Community

How-To Make a Lamp | Kin Community

– Hey guys, it’s Claire, and today I’m going to
show you how to make your own lamp. For this project, you’re going to need a pipe cutter, electrician’s tape, a plug, a wood block for the base, cord to wire your lamp, a light bulb, copper pipe, socket and a socket cover, and the drill. The first step is making
the neck of the lamp. I used a one 1/2 inch
diameter copper plumbing pipe. I love the color. You can cut the neck
to any length you want, but I liked mine four inches, so it’s a small height. You’re going to use a pipe cutter. Once you get your measurements set, you set it into the pipe cutter, you start twisting the
knob as you turn the pipe, and the blade begins to cut through. Pretty easy. The next step is making
sure that your lamp base has a hole for the cord to go through. I used a four by four piece of wood, get your drill, we’ve learned how to use these already, and I used an extra long drill bit to make sure that it
goes all the way through. You want to measure the center, once you have that you just
start to make little tiny holes so that your drill catches in it. I did it at an angle so it’s
easier to run the cord through, ’cause it’s just a straight shot. You can take a little sandpaper
and sand down the edges, and then you can spray paint it, or just leave it wood. I went with white, a really glossy white
because my cord is colored, and I love white, but it’s really a fun opportunity for you to add your own personality to it. I spray painted this last night so that it would already dry, so you can see here the
before and the after. It’s time for the electrical part. I know that the wiring of the
lamp might seem intimidating, but I promise it’s not
going to be that bad once I walk you through it, and you can brag about how
you know how to wire a lamp. First, you’re going to take your cord. With the cloth, you need to cut it off so that
it’s easier to run through. I just lightly slide my
scissors around the cloth until I break it, and it comes off. You need to add a little tape so that the cord doesn’t
bunch up or get frayed. Wrap it around where your cord is, and then you’re ready to
thread it through your base. You start from the side and you go up so that it comes out the top, then you’re going to take
the neck that you cut, and slide it on. You can pull it up pretty high just so you have something to work with, ’cause we’ll adjust it at the end. Next will be your socket cover, then you have your socket. I took mine apart so
that I could put the base of the socket on and wire
the socket to the wire. Once you slide all of that through, you’re ready to start the circuit. As you can see, you have a white wire that
holds other wires inside of it. You’re going to take your pliers, and you have a knife right here at the top of your pliers, that’s for cutting all these cords. Take the pliers and you slice it around until you cut through the white, then once you break it, slide it off, and then you have these
three wires right here. The green one you’re not
even going to worry about, that’s not even an issue until you get to the plug part, then you have the white and the black. With that, you take your pliers again, gently clip, slide off, and then you have these
two exposed copper pieces. This is what you’re going
to attach to the socket. Twist them so that all the
wires are pretty confined, then you’re going to take your socket and you have silver and a gold screw. I wire the silver screw to the white wire, and the black wire to the gold screw. Once you get your wires
wrapped around your screws, you tighten them back up. The metal to metal is
what creates the circuit and gives the lamp electricity. All you need to do to reattach
your base to your socket is you put the two little
screws back into the holes and screw them tight. Finished, first part
of the circuit is done. Slide it together, you’re going to pull
your cord back through so that it stays tight, and the lamp holds. To complete the light, the plug. You’re going to do the
same thing that you did to prep for the socket, and you see again the gold, the silver, and a green, and you’re going to do the black wire to the gold screw, white wire to the silver screw, and the green wire to the green screw. Your circuit’s complete, put the light bulb in, and then you have a lamp that you can put anywhere in your house. It matches your decor, and the bet part is you made it yourself. All right guys, well I hope you liked this week’s project. Please let me know what you think, and also if you ever
try any of the projects, I’d love to see them. Don’t forget to subscribe, and have a good rest of your day.

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  1. muy hermoso la lampara,muy buena idea y facil de hacer para decorar tu casa,gracias por compartir 😀👍

  2. Just a little advice. The green wire is the ground and if your device has metal exposed you should connect it to it. And the reason is ,in case the 2 other wires come loose and touch the exposed metal (in this case the copper pipes) and you touch it you will complete a circuit with the ground you are standing on, but if you have the ground wire on the metal the electricity will flow through that instead of you.

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